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dead psu??

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Dec 11, 2001
Houston, Texas
i came home from class and noticed my computer was off, odd i thought..i hit the power button and the HDD and power lights flashed for about half a second and then turned off. i left it off for a while and the same thing happened when i came back....if i connect the positive and negative so i can turn the psu on w/out the mobo it wont power on at all....but will turn on for .0003 seconds if its plugged into the mobo..and the +5v light on my mobo comes on..is this a dead mobo or psu? ive got the kr7a-r mobo and enermax 350w psu...its got a dvdrom/cdrom, graphic analyzer, lcd, 5 HD's, and the other stuff...i put a new dvd rom in today to replace my old 2x one and today is the 1st sign of any trouble from my PSU...whats going on?

edit: if i unplug my periphs it still wont work
well i took the psu completely out of the case after several attempts to get it to work..after i took it out tested it and put it all back in it works fine.......:rolleyes: sooo im waiting for it to do it again to have an excuse to get a higher wattage psu :beer:
I would suggest you test all cables, and ensure the volting is ok.

I've had the same symptons on near-death PSU's, some measuring highly irregular voltages.

And just recently also my own mATX PSU died, after 3-4 boots with symptons like yours..

Sooo.. yeah..get a new PSU.

Cheers, Flixotide
well after much worrying about buying new hardware i must say its not being overdrawn and everything is in order....as i was browsing in windows my screen went blank and made weird colors...i rebooted a copule times and i got weird stuff like when you first turn on an arcade machine all the colors are scattered so im like 'wtf'.....i then notice a pool of water coming off the feet of my case..i immediately shut off the power unplugged it and investigated....it turns out that some bubbles formed in my system and got some leakage around the inlet to the water block....it was just a coicidence that i had put the new dvdrom in....so i opened my case up all the way use some compressed air and then let it dry for a couple hours...came back and noticed corrosion on my 56k(so what i have cable) and then on my gfx card...i turned on my computer and got a long beep followed by 2-3 short ones, signifying a problem with the gfx card...i was freak...i rebooted and could not get it to give me any beeps or post at all.....well all is well...i took the 56k modem and gfx card out, wiped off the corrosion and made sure everything was dry, put it back in and here i am...im so glad i dont have to buy a new gfx card or get a new psu(which i might do anyways)....all is well in pyro heaven :beer: :beer: