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Dead video card?

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Apr 25, 2003
Cleveland, Ohio
Yesterday I upgraded the RAM on my main system, so my old RAM went into my server (AthlonXP 1800, MSI KT333, GF3-TI200). I had to take the video card out to get it in. After I put it in and booted back up the video card was not working...the motherboard said there was an error when it tried to activate/detect the VGA BIOS. About half the time I boot it, the screen is blank (monitor isn't getting a signal) and the other half it makes it about 5 seconds into the boot process and the signal dies. What could possibly be wrong with the card?? I didn't do ANYTHING to it when I took it out, and it worked a few days ago. Just now I cleaned the contacts on the card with rubbing alchol, but that didn't make it work.

BTW I inserted another AGP video card and that one booted fine.
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