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Decisions, Decisions

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Mar 29, 2002
Fayetteville, NC
I've been pondering what to do about this situation...I can't decide if I want to buy a watercooling system or if I want to have nifty fans :( With the window I will be putting on my PC, the thermaltake fans, polished and shiny will look well, but I'm trying to balance out cooling and appearance. My computer is plenty fast enough currently at 1650 stable (up from 1533)...BUT MUST HAVE MORE POWER! I could probably buy a faster processor for the price of a watercooling system or for the price of 6 good fans, but whats the fun in that!

My computer stats are in the signature but I would appreciate any input. I've read the reviews for the Innovatek watercoolers at tomshardware, and read review of difference air coolers from my current volcano 7 *which is serving me well mind you* to the swiftechs.

Any opinions on which I should go with appearance and performance....I love speed, but I want it to be pretty. After all, whats the purpose of having a flashy window kit and lighting if youre just showing off crap?

Spending price: roughly $250 (US)

What should I do?
Water cooling will definately keep you cooler. Therefore easier to overclock. As far as looks go water cooling looks way cool. As far as the kits go well you might want to ask someone else. I use the DangerDen Maze2 water block, but the rest is piece by piece what works best for me.
Good Luck!