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Defogger Kit and VIDPINNING ???

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Dec 23, 2000
Las Vegas Nevada
Hey everyone, question.....I unlocked an old Duron 700 back in the day with a rear window defogger kit to close the level 1 bridges, cant the same method be used to do the VIDPIN thing on my Tualatin Celeron 1.0A?

Hope I can get some feedback soon cause I wouldnt mind giving it a shot tonight.

it can be done
same thing as using a wire....

Just make sure that you ONLY connect the pins that you want to connect...
and the paint makes it harder to go back to default...
so make sure REALLY want to set the new voltage as your default before doing so.
I'm not so sure it would be a better alternative to plain old wire. The pins fit loosely in the socket, then they are clamped to make contact when you close the lever. A painted strip might not have the flexibility to withstand the opening & closing of the lever like a copper wire would.
Don't do it.

IT would be like nearly impossible to get the defogger kit only linking two pins, it would be messy and spread everywhere, another problem is that you would need to clean that chip so bad if you made a mistake.

With the wires so close, you may even jump into another incident with like a bent pin or something.

With a wire its much easier.