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Defraging Server

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May 16, 2001
I have a Nt v4.5 file and print server at work. It runs Microsoft Small Business server. We are thinking that we need to defrag it. Window NT does not come wiht a defrag utility. Any suggestions on how to defrag it?

The only thing we could come up with is to copy all the infomation off the files disks in it and then to delete everything oin the disk. The we would defrag the computer that we copied the files onto and then copy them back. What do you think of this?


Very kind Senior
Mar 13, 2002
Greensboro NC
Norton SpeedDisk or Disk Keeper will work on that machine. There are probably other aps as well, but I've used both before. It wasn't supposed to need it, but will run better afterwards. Better to use an application designed for defragging, as Windows isn't really particular in locating data while copying files.


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Feb 20, 2001
You are better using a program - defragging by simply copying back and forward will mean all data on the drive will be in one chunk.
However, Speedisk etc will actually go further and:
- put the chunks of each file together
- put files needed while booting in an optimal place to boos boot times.
- optimise the location of the swap file.


Aug 15, 2001
Toronto,Canada(I can see you....)
Use Diskkeeper 7 it works great. It does all thing that Nortons Speed Disk does but faster. It also defrag inside of a file. IT has helped reduce my boot time and the slugishness of my computer, man i sound like a commercial.:p