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PROJECT LOG Defyant's Light Blade "its still cool to air cool"

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Defyant Mods

New Member
Nov 24, 2018
Defyant's Light Blade.

Welcome to my latest case Defyant's Light Blade.

The mod was imagined specifically with Corsair's new LL Fans and RGB lighting kits in mind.

The Case design was inspired by the InsolentGnome's amazing G-Frame Case mod.

Now thanks to the amazing iCue software i was able to make this mod a reality.

This case exists purely to work with Corsair's RGB.

As the title says this case will be Air Cooled i took this as more of a challenge over running an AIO... altho i did start this mod wanting to install my custom white painted Corsair AIO i decided that a modded air cooler using LL- 120mm fans was a "Cooler" option.

For the sake of not making this thread too long i have condensed this work as much as possible will trying to keep the most informative parts.

The case will be made solely from white and diffused acrylic.

The inner housing is a simple box type build from diffused. The cut outs are all done by hand using a router tool. No laser cutting at all on this case.


A simple rear air duct is made for the exhaust.


9 outer blades rings are cut and profiled by router to be exact copies.



The blades can be cut and hard glued using weldon to the housing. A couple of 140 Corsair LL's can be sat in for a look as well.
As you can see the diffused Acrylic matches the LL140 blades perfect.


The internals of the case are made in 2 sections a PSU cover and a Front fan housing.

The PSU cover is designed to have a RGB feature and have a air dam to help direct air from the 140mm LL fans to the CPU cooler.

A home made DIY plex bender is used to get clean accurate bends.





This air dam will direct air where it is needed most


With the diffused inserts added and one of Corsairs LED strips behind

You can see the instant effect.


With the PSU cover done the Brackets can be made for the mITX Mother board.

These are made from 12mm solid clear plex.... The clear is opted for as it wont interfere with the light.


The 2 new mounts are weldon glued into place.


Next the Front fan housing can be built.


Again the cutouts are filled with diffused plex


The PSU housing is cut to fit around the mother board


And both units can be installed for a test with the RGB strips.



The next thing was to add the external cosmetics

For now just the 2 bolt on/addons are installed... Both these are cosmetic and can be added or removed as desired.

The first is a rear wing and the second a rear bottom air dam...

The a Air dam is used to balance the look of the wing and give the case a Stance . A custom one off press jig was made to shape the dam.





The new wing and dam are temp glued into place



Stay tuned MTC soon :)

Defyant Mods

New Member
Nov 24, 2018
Subbed, I'm intrigued.

Subbed with ya man, I gotta see where it ends. Going to be modding my case this spring and this should make for good inspiration.

The white and diffused acrylic looks amazing with that Corsair RGB kit!

Cheers Guys ty all very much :)

Pretty much on the home stretch now, All the light mods are finished ( for now) The case is the box and blades, everything else can be removed and updated /modded and re themed :)

Ive added a larger base to the unit for protection, the case will be off to an event this weekend.

The lighting is all set and done, ive added an extra light blade feature the sides of the case and reworked the back end a little...

Every lead is customisable thu the iCue software... the effects are limitless and there's corsair new funky beat to the music plug in via Wallpaper engine ! again the effects go on and on...

So it's piccy and vid flood time guys. **** turn your volumes down ****

I like the way the lights work with vocals

IMG_20181214_154604-M.jpg IMG_20181214_154619-M.jpg

IMG_20181214_154540-M.jpg IMG_20181214_154306-M.jpg

IMG_20181214_153856-M.jpg IMG_20181214_154436-M.jpg

IMG_20181214_153815-M.jpg IMG_20181214_154059-M.jpg

IMG_20181214_154350-M.jpg IMG_20181214_153719-M.jpg

IMG_20181213_214617-M.jpg IMG_20181213_223801-M.jpg


Mr. Clean Senior Member
Jan 12, 2012
I am impressed, I really like how the lighting in the video looked. Reminds me of when a Florescent light has a hard time starting up. I was waiting for it to completely light up. Very nice build! :thup: