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Delid 8700k AliExpress experience

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I would be interested in knowning where madmut went wrong with this tool delid. Seems pretty fool proof to me if you pay attention to what you are doing and put the chip in the correct way.
In a twist of sad irony, our very own maddmutt just killed one using the tool. :(

Still worth doing as that is not common with a tool, but found it worth posting if only for the timing. :)
Like the others what went wrong and with what delidding tool?

I've been looking around with all the advice I got form you nice people (honestly this is the first forum where I feel so much respect for eachother)
I think I bought with my 120mm aio almost the worst one I could get.

So I'm looking around for a nice new 240mm rad RGB one cooler
And probably cutting a whole upfront.

I've measured it and 360 would be to long to fit properly

Next to that I'm still willing to delid my cpu and trying to get the lowest temps as possible for my situation
Looking forward to read your comments again.
Will try to post some pics later on.

There are quite a few decent 240mm AIO/CLC coolers.

Cooler master ml240l is a good one.

EVGA 240mm CLC is too.

You can also look into the Corsair H100i.

They are all good units and will cool within a few degrees of each other.
Thanks for the advice ....
Cooler master seems to have made the combination of fan+rad so sleek I actually could fit a 360mm rad with fans of them.
In front of my pc I'll make 3 holes in the front of my case so the fans could actually blow out my case. Maybe cover the hole with


I saw a nice one but not sure if it's worth the extra money ( well santa just passed) wheehe :)
When I search for tests there seems just a couple of degrees difference....



Still waiting for the Chinese products to delid and relid.
In the mean while I have been playing with a lot of settings to get a bit more out of my oc.
I'm now clearly at the point voltages getting higher around 1.30 and 4.8 GHz and my cooler is clearly lacking so guess what.
Santa left me a present.... See pic
Will try to fit it tomorrow. If I measured it right it will fit in front with 0.5cm. space left on top of.my case

Will be tight but just gonna try.

I would be interested in knowning where madmut went wrong with this tool delid. Seems pretty fool proof to me if you pay attention to what you are doing and put the chip in the correct way.

I had a successful De-Lid but I had to mod my CPU to make it work with my z170 motherboard. I'm sure I borked the Mod as it was for the ASRock z170m OCF and not the standard z170 OCF board.
I got a second i7-8700k and a z370 board so that I didn't need to mod the processor:thup: I de-lidded for a second time and used LM this time around.
Just received my Chinese delid tool... It is really really thin and I really hope it won't break when using it on my cpu lol.
Now I'm waiting on my recap tool when I receive it we start the fun IMG_20190117_192249.jpeg

The stock IHS is nickel plated copper. You will gain little or nothing temp wise changing that to full copper.

are you certain of that? i've always assumed they were stainless and couldn't understand why intel would use SS when it's such a poor heat transfer medium. If you're correct, (and i'm not arguing the subject) that would explain why all 4 noctua cooler heatsinks were slightly convex on the surface that mated to the IHS. Not by much, but holding a straight edge across them i noted all had a peak in the center about 1.5 to 2 thou above the edges (measurement by eye, not measured with instrument)
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They are nick plated copper. An all copper ihs will yield a couple C cooler.

Not worth it though. ;)
Ok I also both an old celeron e1200 CPU just for the test because the screw is really thin I wasn't sure to do it directly on my own CPU.

It worked lol now I'm waiting for my recap tool to put it back on so I can practice how much or better to say how less glue o need to use

Sorry for the Dutch language lol

My 8700k delidded @ 5.1GHz on a Corsair AIO H115i while playing Battlefield V gets a max temp spike at 61°C.
On a 20 minute run on Blender Benchmark max temp spikes hit 71°C.

I just bought that copper IHS that Gamers Nexus reviewed and I expect a 2-3°C drop in temps once installed.
Going all out even though you already have spectacular temps! Since you're at 1.38V already, you are pretty much topped out voltage wise.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing results!
Ok people,

After the great success with the airflow,
I'm now ready for my delid.
Temps with avx offset of -3 and my non avx speed at 5ghz.
I get temps maxed around 80 degrees

Just finished my delid waiting for the silicon to dry.
And praying for nice temps
IMG_20190203_132604.jpeg IMG_20190203_132616.jpeg IMG_20190203_135454.jpeg IMG_20190203_135751.jpeg IMG_20190203_135917.jpeg IMG_20190203_140033.jpeg