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DELL 2.26p4 w/ti4600 vs 1700+ w/Ti4200

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Fold For 32!
Jun 27, 2002
My friend has a Dell P4 2.26 with a PNY Ti 4600 and 512 DDR.
My system: 1700+ @1705, VisionTek Ti 4200 @275/530 (128 meg version) and 256 DDR

He was bragging about his "Best computer here" at a LAN last weekend and I just could not stand it anymore, so I proved him wrong.

I get 9555 on 3DMark 2001SE, he gets only 7782.
WTF? Is is it the "Dell" part thats killing his comp and his benchmarks? I feel kinda bad now... I just cant stand to see him in this much pain... my $700 system beating his $2200 system... gotta help him.

What could the bottleneck be? All of his hardware is faster than mine.
Could be a ton of things. I'm gonna guess there's a setting activated in his advanced display properties (like anti-aliasing) that's eating some frames...

Were both of you running the same detonator drivers?? Other possibility is his chipset drivers need to be updated, or AMD just plain rockz!! :p

Is he running a default bus speed? If you're runing a bus speed at like 150 or more, you'll see a bit of a bump in performance even despite his higher clock speed... 3D applications rely more on bandwidth which is determined by your bus speeds...
I was thinking that it was my CPU that was spanking him...
I'll tell him to check the AA... thats a really good guess as to why his score is so low.

I still laugh whenever I think of the look on his face :D
that 2.26 is probably a c1 stepping... is it a new computer? he could sell his old dell mobo and case to his parents or something (buy like a 1.8 p4 in there) and build himself new case/mobo/psu.. and he could then oc that 2.26 and easily have his moneys worth or smth..