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DELL 66Mhz FSB Celeron???

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Oct 1, 2001
Seattle, Washington
Hi guies, I'm sorry If this is a really dum ? but I wanted to ask. I'm an AMD fanboy so I'm not real familiar about Intel, but i don't trash talk them so dont trashtalk me, please. Besides that, my ? was that my friend has an old DELL with a Celeron and 66Mhz FSB, does anyone know if that can be raised on a DELL. maybe software?
No worries bro... these forums don't allow flaming PERIOD ;)

Dells don't overclock well at all... if your lucky you might be able to use Softfsb or something similar... but it might not work and you wouldn't get far without being able to adjust the vcore...

Now if your friend wanted to shell out $25-$50 he could possibly find a descent motherboard that could replace the Dell motherboard and allow it to be overclocked. Other than that I don't think anything can be done other than tweaking the OS to utilize the processor better.
It took me a while to get back but now I have the data I need, first off I'v found that it is the older version and sadly not the coppermine. But besides that, my biggest concern is that I know the default Vcore is 2.0v with the older celerons and the only other options up I see on the data sheet is 2.1Vcore, and I'm pretty shure it will not go from 500 to 750 with just that. Does anyone know another way to get above that.

Another thing is that I couldn't find any definitions of the celeron steppings on intel's sight. His steppings are as follows:
128 SL3FY
Maybe someone could help me out with that too.

well, your stepping on that chip is mB0, and is typically not a good overclocker, even on a good board...but you're not going to be ablr to do anything with it on that Dell mobo. You have no way to change the FSB, even if you do increase the voltage. Tell your friend that if he wants to o/c that chip, he has to get another mobo...:D
Also tell your freind that getting away from that mobo is a huge upgrade in itself. Getting a mobo with an agp slot and no onboard video will free up a ton of system resources and will seem like an Overclock by itself.