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delta 38

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its not that loud. its running at arround 5300 rpm and you can barly hear it with the case open. maybe if it ever gets close to 6800 it gets loud? i was expecting it to sound like an airplane. i suppose you need the 3 to five pin cable to get the higher speed.

oops sorry about the double post
yeah, it gets a little louder, but not too much. Get the pin converter thing, or just strip some wires and twist and cover with electrical tape, thats what I do.
If your running this off your motherboard then I would take it off as it is dangerous. at around 5000rpm or so it won't be that loud, at 6800 it is a horrible "WHIRRRRRR" that goes through your head and makes you think bad thoughts. I would conect it to a psu lead straight away even if you only use a makeshift bits of pins or something (which my entire cooling system is based around)
the 38cfm 60mm fan is what your talking about right?
If you dont have the 3 to 4 pin adapter what is it pluged into?the board?
you are aware that they can burn out headers on a board right?
yea i was concidering getting the 3 to five pin converter. would radio shack have something like this. also as for the 5300 rpm, rpm speed is supposedly controled by the motherboard right, as the cpu gets warmer the fan speeds up, so if i keep the temps low for now it should be ok atleast for awhile.