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Delta fan with no rpm control on Abit KT7A

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Jan 22, 2001
I'm using a Delta fan, witch has no rpm-control lead, on my heatsink.
So there's just the black & red wire, no yellow.
But my Abit KT7A mobo NEEDS this yellow wire,
it won't boot up without it.
So now, i'm using my old cpu cooler (witch has 3 leads) on fan1,
and my new Delta on fan2.

Is there a way to switch off this rpm-control,
so i can boot up without the old fan,
and having my new Delta on fan1?
There's nothing in the manual about it, and nothing in the bios too...

A belgian overclocker needs help!! ;-)
Get rev WZ bios and install it. In the board heath window, it has the ability to disable fan rpm monitoring.

Well, the fan works okay now.... but my overclocking really sucks now.
I was running at a comfortable 1200mhz.... but now it locks up in
windows just after booting it up.
Can it be a new bios could mess up the overclocking abilities?

Could a reinstallation of windows 98 help?

Here are my specs:
Abit KT7A
Thunderbird 1Ghz.@1200 (or it USED to be on that ;-) )
with a modified AlphaPEP66 + Delta fan, Arctic Silver II
2x128mb pc133 ram (Apacer)
Hercules Geforce2 GTSPRO 64Mb with Blue Orb cooler + Arctic Silver II
Sb Live + i/o card
2 x NIC
ISA scsi-scannercard Symbios.
Pioneer DVD
Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm ATAII 20gb
No no,
it ran at 1200 with the original bios. (dec2000)
with the new WZ bios, it only runs at 1100mhz,
at 1200mhz it locks up just after windows has boot up.
you move the mouse for 2 seconds and then everything freezes.
windows just locks up. :-(
I've heard of the ww bios being better? for overclocking... dunno, im sticking with ww until i have time to check.....

I assume you read the files that came with your bios update and after you burned it, you discharged the cmos ram to return all settings to default. Then you went through all the bios pages and set them exactly the same as your previous bios and still you saw a 100 mhz performance deterioration? This is important to know because if I can gain a 100 mhz increase using an older bios revision, I will gladly do so. The only reason I went with the wz revision was to get rid of the fan tachometer requirement.

yes, that's right.
All the settings are EXACTLY the same as they were before.
The hightest i can get is 1150 (11.5x100), but it doesn't run stable.
It even crashes in windows.
But weird enough my temps are very low. I have suffiënt cooling,
so in my opinion it must have got something to do with the bios.
With the old original bios (dec2000) i ran at 1200 (12x100) stable.
The tems are the same. 14°Csystem & 23°C idle, somewhere round 40°C load.
I'll think i'll load the old bios again, and see what happens.
I'll have to find a fan with an rpm-lead first though...
I loaded the old WW bios (dec2000) again, and...... 1200mhz STABLE!!!
I can't believe it??? (but still i'm happy to get 1200 again ;-) )
Everything works just as solid as before.

Has anyone got an explenation for this WEIRD phenomenon?????