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Delta fans

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Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
North Carolina
I replaced the Sunon fans on my PEP66s with the 7000RPM Delta fans, and my temps improved about 5 degrees. Of course the noise level increased substantially as well. I expected an improvement, but was surprised by 5 degrees.

I have 2 more to install and then I will have a dual cpu machine and 2 single cpu machines sitting side by side all running Deltas- IF I can stand the noise... With case fans and power supplies the total comes to 14 fans... Oops make that 15- I forgot the Enermax power supply has 2.

Anyone on the forum sell hearing aids? I'm probably going to need some before long...
As many fans as you have, perhaps water cooling would be more cost effective (and save yourself from the noise as well!)? I've decided that's the road I'm taking if I get the urge to add more cooling.. :)
Funny you should mention that- I'm buying a setup at the moment. However, since 2 of these machines are servers, I'm reluctant to have that much hardware in case of failure while I'm on the road (I travel a lot).

The Delta fans are a little more reliable than most pumps, and I would hate to return to a melted server.
if it's a server, set it up to SHUT DOWN when fans fail/CPU overheats....who cares if u have downtime, that's better than a MELTED CPU.