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Delta on a retail HSF. Lets have a guessing game!

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Jul 8, 2001
I'll be doing another one of my milled retail HSF documentaries soon. I ordered a 38 delta and some ASII last night. My temps vary from 41-50 with a non-milled retail HSF right now using the regular thermal pad.

Lets get some peoples estimates what kind of temp changes will be in store. Keep in mind, the base will be milled, the fan will be replaced, and I'll be using ASII. Hmmm, whatcha all think I'm going to drop it to?

I should have the fan and ASII tuesday so I should be able to post by then.
i say if you lap the base and then with the delta you no load will be around 35C under load, 45C
thats my guess
Nah...if you're getting 41-50 now, I'd say you'll get 31-40 when you're done.
I would say that guessing your temps without details about you case fan's or airflow is a hard thing. I'm gonna try though, I'd say you hit 34 idle and 41 under load. I never have luck with guessing games but hey, It's worth a shot ;D
sfa ok (Jul 29, 2001 06:46 p.m.):
Jay isn't AKDUDE, because AKDUDE is a senior member.

yep, plus his pick is of an AK47, anyways, i like that estimate, maybe load is around 43C.