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Delta's Bigger Jet Engine Wannabe

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Jan 27, 2002
New Jersey
While I was cruising around Delta Electronics website, I noticed a link to "Triple Blade Fans". I knew that the double blade fan link would take me to the Focuse Flow series, so I just had to see what what a "Triple Blade Fan" was.


Lo and behold! A 120mm by 76.2mm Monster, sporting 220.29cfm at a quiet for a Delta 59db at the high end.

Type the part number into google and you get...that page. It is only a preliminary write up, I dunno when it is coming out. I would have to look deeper, but I am busy planning out a way to use them.

So now all you freaks with the 6000gph pumps can have fans on your radiators that will take care of the heat load. Imagine one of these puppies strapped onto a Danger Den Super Cube, let alone 2. I would have to extend my tubing so I could put it outside though. I know the larger Deltas are more wind noise than that 60x60 whine, but they still will be loud.

Is that just two fans in one shroud? That's what the drawing looks like.
I emailed there sales office and asked when they will be available...

If anybody else hears about them, please post....

I just got to have some of those!
PigGuy said:
I thougt fan stacking wasnt very effective...
Thats the same thing right?

yeah thats what i thought, and it seems like they are doing... but i guess the good boys at delta found some way for it to work...

on a kinda side note, i have seen 190 cfm delta's at sidewindercomputers: http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/delffb1212eh.html
unfortunantly its no the 3 sets of blades style, but it still has a ton of air flow!
If you stack the fans with the second fan mounted on the core of the first fan's blades, then two fans could get very very fast. Wasn't the spec over 200cfm?! Yeah 220!

One fan probably supplies most of the force while the other one amplifies it by drawing the force off. If the power is balanced and the maximum outputs are very high you can get those results. I think you could do the same thing by stacking two normal fans and playing with the voltage/current but you'd wear out your bearings.
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From: Gabriella Wahner [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 2:36 PM
To: Currie, Todd
Cc: Terence Au-Yeung
Subject: RE: Delta - Lead, Cobalt - Fans

Good Afternoon,

Here is your requested information regarding Delta triple blade fan series:

When will the triple blade fans be released and who will be carrying them?
Product Interest : GFB 120X120X76.2 MM Series

Answer: The GFB1212 series fans are available now to purchase now through distribution if you are ordering small quanitites 1 - 6,000 pcs. I attached a data sheet, and distrubution contact list for you: see below

Delta PN# GFB1212 series
Standard Leadtime: 8 - 10 weeks
Pricing questions: contact distribution
Apprx. Resale Price: $32.30 - 34.30

Please feel free to call Terence AuYeung - Field Sales Engineer, or myself have any question or we may be of further assistance to you.

(sorry, I only asked for Washington)


Arrow - Washington Phone# (425) 643-9992 Fax# (425) 643-9709
All American - Washington Phone# (425) 806-4800 Fax# (425) 806-9900
Avnet - Washington Phone# (425) 882-7000 Fax# (425) 882-7070
Force - Washington Phone# 800-613-6723 Fax# (425) 485-3010
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