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Depressingly low 3D-mark scores. Why!?!

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Jul 1, 2004
New Haven, CT
As you can see in my sig, I don't have a godly system, but the 3D-Mark scores I get are pretty bad for the stuff I have. '01 comes in at a 7086 and '03 is like 1.5k (I'll run it later). All my drivers are updated and I have absoluatly no idea why it's so bad. I can run Doom3 at bearable FPS @ 800x600 with pretty much everything turned on. Does 3D-Mark just plain hate me?
ahh...the fx5500.......i hate to tell you....BLOWS. i bought one to use as a temp while my 9800 was getting RMAed, and i ended up putting it in my secondary (family) comp. it did about the same, even with overclocking
hmm... that does seem pretty low

I've had better scores with a ti4200 in a system quite a bit slower

I would say to check if any aa or af is on when you do those tests

but if the the fx5500 is anywhere near as crappy as the fx5200 I would blame the vid card
Just ran '03, got 1496. Looks like I'm doomed to run like this for a bit then, till I can afford a couple houndred. I wonder if having 2x monitors hurts the score by a noticable bit. I'll test that tommrow.
Here are my exact '01 settings.


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