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Desperate Help Needed!

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Mar 9, 2002
i have an AMD TB 900Mhz and an Aus A7V-133 Motherboard. I accidentally saved some changes in my bios (cpu frequency from 100 to 133) and now when i turn on my computer, the alarm on the motherboard goes off and my monitor doesn't get any signal. How do i fix this? I hope someone can help asap!
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Well you don`t give to much away on your rig.?

But I assume that when you first start up your PC/Monitor you can press the Delete (keep pressing untill the Bios. loads up) key on your keyboard which should allow you to get back into your Bios to change your settings back to how they were?

Hope this helps, its the first thing to try.

The reason this is happening is that the 900mhz TB is only capable running at 100mhz fsb. when you tried to set it to 133mhz fsb, it couldn't handle the overclock so it wont even post. If Acko's suggestion does not work try taking out the battery in the motherboard and putting on a jumper on the pins (should be marked CLRTC) beside the battery, then remove the jumper (you have now shorted it and the CMOS should have reset). Leave it unplugged for at least 10 minutes. Insert the battery (make sure that the jumper is removed), and start up your system and it should post and you're settings should be all reset. Good Luck.
First of all, Welcome to the forums.

To elaborate on the above replies. If you were to unlock your CPU you could run at 133MHz+ with a lower multiplier. I'd suggest starting at 7*133, this would get you to 931MHz, a good starting point. If you increase your FSB you will realize a system wide performance improvement.

Good luck!
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ic.. hmm.. i got a question... are there 2 fsb? because whenever i read specs about amd tb 900mhz, it says it has a fsb of 200? and motherboard also supports 200mhz fsb. but how come it can't even go at 133?
When they say it has 200mhz fsb then it is dual pumped meaning that it is a 100mhz fsb running at 200mhz. It is like the P4's that run at 400mhz fsb. It is not really a 400mhz fsb but a 100mhz fsb that is quadpumped. The newer Athlons run at 266mhz fsb, that is 133mhz x 2 = 266mhz. I hope this sort of clarifies things.

Dear people at overclockers.com....
I have an asus me99b motherboard with a 400 mhz chip that I have overclocked to 450 mhz... is this as fast as I can go, also I seemed to have noticed that I cannot change the fsb or the clock multiplier ... AT ALL!!! why is this?? can anyone please tell me how I can "unlock" a me99b mother board, and weather or not it is adisable?? also I am freezing in here, and possibly catching the "humboldt crud" , as it is called here.... what can I do?? my computer runs fine at 450 mhz, and appears to be "rock - stable" , but only if the room temperature is like , well freezing for me... I preffer a warmer climate , like the tropics, so how can I satisfy my computers need to be "frozen, while I keeep myself nice and toasty at around 68 to 75 degrees room temp.??
(it tends to go bonkers giving me a rather LOUD temperature alarm , if the room temp even goes a minitude of a degree above 61 degrees room temperature... what can I do?? PLEASE HELP ME!!! I love my computer, but I don't wish to freeze myself , just to be able to use it??? can I please get some help/ info on how I can "super cool " my comp. while my room is at a nice tropical weather temp range ie 68- 79 deg.??? it is naturally cold in my county, but I am not acclaimated to such cold weather... I live in northern humboldt co. , wich is way north of san-francisco... but as I said before I do not like the same "environmental temperature that my comp does... please send me some info to:
[email protected]... ps... I am a very poor person whose only income is social securrity, for right now... what can I do - cheaply to cool my computer down, whilst my room remains somwhat warm??:confused:⭕(
Noo, not the Humboldt crud! I've had that a few times. I lived in Eureka most of my life. My main advice for you is to go to the front page and start reading. The beginners guides are full of great information, and can answer questions you haven't even thought of yet! If you haven't allready, take the side off of your case. It's a ghetto fix, but it works. Later on can fix it so you can put it back on.
Thanks, I could use a friend like you....

Thanks aLOT, I could use a good friend, like you...
I don't have many friends in R.L., but I have oftem met my best friends ... On-line... well, go figture, there are many more people on the internet than you will ever find in a small town, like arcata, where I am now living...stay cool, and rmember allways be kind, nice and generous to other people, It will bring you much happiness if you do.. trust me... it will... if it doesn't, it's because you did not reaLLY TRY... gOOD LUCK, FRIEND.
John. aka Dragoncat...
Thanks, I will do that... I suppose..

And thanks again.. can I make my own avatar?? would that be legal?? I can draw and am an artist of sorts myself.. are there any rules about creating your own avatar yourself?
John...(P.S. thanks again...)
Re: Thanks, I will do that... I suppose..

Dragoncat said:
And thanks again.. can I make my own avatar?? would that be legal?? I can draw and am an artist of sorts myself.. are there any rules about creating your own avatar yourself?
John...(P.S. thanks again...)

You would recieve better results regarding questions on your motherboard if you posted this question over in the Intel motherboards section. There is an ASUS section over there as well.

As far as your Avatar, yes you can make your own if you like. Just be sure that it conforms to the forum guidelines. This information is available in your "user profile"

Good Luck!