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Det 40.72's "Up to 25% faster"...

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Mar 16, 2002
Faster than what? The next most recent Detonator 40.xx? I haven't seen any talk about this new driver, and I'm sure a 25% boost would have the whole board jumping. Heck, that'd top a 9700 Pro for non-AA at 1024x768. I'm about to install them on my GF3 Ti200 (1800XP+,Samsung 256MB DDR333, Epox 8KHA+) and if my scores fly through the roof I'll be sure and let everyone know what they probably know already. ;) I have to bet that with the recent leak of D3A Nvidia will craftily tweak their drivers to maximize performance. Could an ATI owner give me some idea of how well the driver updates have gone with their 9000/9700's? I'm leaning toward a 9700 when the NV30 hopefully pushes the pricepoint down around $200, and would like to know just how many of the kinks have been worked out. Not that they are a buggy mess, I understand that, but I did see a few issues posted. Thanks!
I used them since the day they came out, had better luck with them than the 40.71 and the 40.52s. I switched to the 41.03s last night and I am getter better performance and colow than the 72s so far.

It does hang up my 3dmark test on game two so my score is off, but I don't really care about benchmarks.
HotKoala... I've seen lots of benchies where the GF4 is only 10-15% slower at common gaming resolutions and no AA or anisotropic filtering. I only saw those outrageous margins of victory for 4XAA at 1600x1200 for example. The 9700 will be my next card provided it has competent drivers for the newest games at my time of purchase, but I'd like to have an idea of how well ATI has catered to their customers. Do they release Beta drivers 3 times a week like Nvidia? (mild exaggeration ;) ) I like to know someone somewhere hasn't forgotten about the guy that laid out his cash for the generation-old budget card, because that is what I hope the 9700 will be by early 2003. Thanks for your responses!
yeah sure..they're much faster, only for 3Dmark 2001 SE, nothing else really that I noticed.. they're actually slower in 3dmark2000.. I just think they did what they did to close the gap between the radeon 9700 in 3Dmark 2001se, since so many people live by it and it's there god.. Actually my G4 ti 4200 is only 5% slower in 3Dmark2001 SE (default) that a Radeon 9700.
My card is running at 340/640... but to see it just 5% behind the 9700 is amazing... just playes with your mind..
I get my stuff from guru3d.com They seem to stay up to date quite well. (41.03 is there for the taking also) They also have tools to fix the 60Hz refresh rates, remove previous Detonators, and O/C utilities too. HotKoala I completely missed your sarcasm on the first response. Sorry if I sounded obnoxious. I see your point... anyone can tilt the numbers however they'd like. I have installed the 41.03's myself due to a TFC Half-Life resolution issue with the 40.72's. I am also using Powerstrip 3.30 beta to force 85Hz refresh and mildly O/C my GF3 Ti200 to 200/440. What other tweaks have I overlooked? Anyone?