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Device constantly switching from router to AP

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Feb 22, 2007
I recently added an AP to my network to extend the range upstairs. Everything seems to be working like a charm however on 5gHz my iPhone and iPad keep jumping from the AP to the router wifi. The puzzling part is the AP's signal is full strength and the router is barely two bars. I was under the impression that devices simply go with the strongest signal, it's infuriating to watch it jump back and forth from AP to router every 5 seconds. I'm sure there has to be a solution, I just need to understand what's going on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Router: ASUS RT-AC68R running Shibby's build of Tomato Firmware v1.28

AP: Cisco Aironet 1142


AKA: JrMiyagi
Sep 25, 2015
Try rebooting your iPhone...there is a bug in iOS that sometimes prevents it from getting an IP address. It gets a little better with each iOS release, but it's still there.

Next, try rebooting the access point (have to leave it off for about 30 seconds). When I start to get crazy behavior, that's what I do!



May 12, 2010
Wilsonville, OR
Not sure about the Cisco Aironets but Ipads have been one of the biggest pains my business runs into with wireless coverage as they don't do hand off's well. Jr's suggestions are a good start also make sure both your router and AP are up to date. Check settings in the AP to see if you can't modify any settings to do with the hand off\roaming terminology changes with brands. if there is no specific setting you can also try lowering the power to the antennas on the router so it's a little weaker in that spot and see if the Ipad\phone will hold onto the stronger signal better.

Honestly Idevices are one of the most difficult with hand offs... but on the bright side Cisco products (My experience Meraki) handle them much better than most. Good luck hope this helps.