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DFI Lanparty w/ Via kt400a chipset

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Apr 21, 2003
A buddy of mine brought this along for me to take a look at. The specs are as follows;

DFI Lanparty KT400A Chipset
Athlon XP 2600+ Thoroughbred
512MB Ultra PC3200 DDR
120GB Samsung Hard Drive
Antec Case with a 350W Antec Powersupply

Alright, the problem that he is having with the system is an error that reads "Invalid partition table." Now this would lead you to believe that the hard-drive is not functioning. However, I have used this hard-drive in another machine. I only get the error on this system. I've used all 4 controllers (2 IDE, 2 IDE Raid). The boards settings are all correct. I personally believe it to be a problem with the bios. I went to flash the bios to the new version that was released and it will not accept the bios stating that the version is not correct. However, the bios is the correct one. Any ideas. I've done all the troubleshooting steps, I'm prepared to send the board into DFI to be replaced. If you have any ideas, go ahead and state them. Thankyou.

- ThePCGuy


Aug 8, 2003
Offical DFI Rep! Ask me!
heya PCGuy, please check the advanced chipset settings and make sure the RAM timings are not set to Turbo, try optimal. Anything but Turbo for a test. Make sure the timings are correct also (use detect SPD and reboot to make sure the SPD timings match those of the memory).

also check the cables and make sure (i know this is standard stuff but just be sure!) they are properly working, and the jumpers are correct for its placement within the IDE channels.

if you still cannot get past the invalid partition table, please contact [email protected] (if in usa/canada) and we will replace the board for you. I personally bought this board with my own money (its how i got this job) and have never had an issue with it other than forgetting to mess with it before i plugged a Barton2500 into it lol. Its a good board, and I have never seen this issue crop up on it. If the memory (and try another stick of RAM also) is working proper then I'm sure there's a problem with the board.

Also, does another hard drive do the same thing in this board? please test with another hdd to see if you get the same error =)



Apr 21, 2003
Hello Angry Games, thankyou for the timely reply. I went ahead and double checked all the memory settings. They are correct. I replaced the memory in the board with a stick of my known working PC3200 Corsair memory. I also replaced the IDE cables that I was using. I have been using multiple hard drives while testing this system. The error is still present. I know that DFI makes a great product also. Its not uncommon to have a bad board every once in awhile. I'll wait for a reply from you before I email [email protected].

Thankyou very much for your help.

- Jim
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