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DHCP/DNS on LAN issue.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
OK guys. Not looking for hocus pocus solutions. I know I'm missing something very very basic. My home network can't connect \\firefly\ to I've simplified my network to the following:
Ubiquiti Cloudkey plus Gen 2. Ubiquiti USG v4. 2x Ubiquiti 802.11 AC WAPs. One old Cisco PoE switch. One Netgear non-managed "green" switch. Motorolla MB 8611 cable modem.

I removed my Pihole. I also got rid of my ASUS router which was acting as a WAP for IOT.

Modem ---> USG v4 ---> "green" switch ---> Cisco PoE --->WAPs

Note: On the Cloudkey, I have set static DHCP routes for my managed IOT/Networking and servers. I have an Unraid server called Firefly that will not resolve to the assigned IP. I have power cycled the entire network the other day after making more adjustments.

Again, this is going to be something basic. Something that I should know but don't. It will be embarassing when you guys point me in the right direction. I just know it.
For whatever device isn't resolving the IP, verify it is pointing to your internal DHCP server.
That's a good tip. I'll take a look this evening.
I looked and it was all pointed in the right direction. I rebooted my PC again anyway and when it came back up... no go. In frustration, I went and did something else. Looked again a few minutes later and.... ALL GOOD! What the?!

So now... I have to undo the hocus pocus crap I had done and I'll be good again.

Thank you for your help. It kept me from trying more and more complex things that would have not worked.