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Diamond Stealth III S540 card?

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New Member
Dec 18, 2000
I am searching for a new video card and am wondering if I should buy the Diamond Stealth 3 card or not. I found it for only 60 bucks and I need to know if it will run all of my games (Quake 3, Diablo 2, Descent etc.) with no glitches. If anyone has this card or knows how well it performs, please reply.
I have one Your games will run, but slowly if you use 32bit colour. 16 bit is ok. But be reminded that speed will not be ultra-fast!
I used one for about a year. Good card, but i just recently got a geforce 256 SDR on eBay for only 80.00. Much better card for only $20 more.
I have one it is now in my kids computer they play Decent all the time it works ok but I would go for a Geforce MX they are a little more expensive but well worth it in my opinion.
DO NOT BUY the Diamond Stealth III!

I'm sure it's a good enough card, but for $60 you can buy a Diamond Viper II which is MUCH better. The Viper is based on the Savage 2000 (the next generation chip), while the Stealth III is only based on the Savage4.

The Viper II, IMO, is one of the most underrated cards ever. Now that the drivers have been ironed out, it works well with most games and it is still reasonably fast. You'll definately get your money's worth with the Viper II.

If you want to spend a few bucks more, get the Geforce 2 MX, but I would definately suggest the ViperII over the Savage4 (Stealth III), especially since they cost the same amount!
I just picked up a Diamond Stealth III S540 32 MB card at a Yahoo auction for $26 plus $4 shipping. It's a great card for $30. I'm putting together a cheap upgrade system for my sister-in-law. Here's the details:

ATX Case with slide out tray and 250W PS - $27
Soyo SY-6IZA-NA socket 370 ZX mobo - $39
Celeron 400 @ 500 MHz - $50
Diamond Stealth III S540 - $26

It actually runs pretty good. The mobo can run FC-PGA CPU so she's got an upgrade path. I'll reuse her existing Fujitsu hard drive, ISA sound card, and PCI modem.

Try the auction sites. I got lucky because the card was sold as a 16 MB OEM version but turned out to be a 32 MB retail version. There are lots of sites with custom drivers for S3 cards so you don't have to worry about driver support.