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did I botch it up?

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May 21, 2001
well I've been making attempts to unlock my XP...

first filled the trenches with super glue... (didn't clean them just filled them)

then I bought defogger repair kit, well the stuff came in two syringes... a brown stuff and a silver stuff...

the stuff isn't very viscous and tough to work with... so while trying to unlock it, I noticed some 'bleeding' or they were just too close to each other for my comfort, I tried scraping away between them... in the end I tossed it in it didn't work..

so I took it out cleaned it up.. and noticed that I may have sratched too deep, I've removed parts of the 'brown paint' and exposed reflective areas underneath....

cpu still works, but I dunno if it's still unlockable?? :(

and I can't remove the superglue either I assume...

am I SOL? sorry no cam so I can't show u any pics?
um, they make superglue remover....try that to get it off...and about connecting the bridges....id solder them.....thats just me....easy to do, and will never go bad. you just need a small tip(just an idea)
how do u micro solder? I have an iron, I just find that I melt the stuff and the lead comes off in globs...