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did I botch my unlocking attempt?

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Insane Overclocking Clown
Sep 17, 2001
Orange County
My agoia0226 Z 1600+ is now my first victim of an unlocking attempt. The goal was to see which perfomed better, my 2100+ or the 1600+. To do this, I needed a 13x multiplier for the testing and possibly some lower multipliers for the actual use of the cpu.

For some reason, only 10.5x, 12x, and 13x multipliers are available after my unlocking. Furthermore, the 13x multiplier isn't really 13x. during bootup and on Sandra, it registers as a 12.5x multiplier.

So...what did I do wrong and how do I fix it?


Mar 30, 2002
Toronto, Canada
Its just not properly unlocked, clean it up and try again. After my first unlocking attempt I could only get the .5 multis (10.5x, 11.5x, 12.5x...) but after I did it again it worked. Unlocking incorrectly (a bridge or 2 didnt connect or got cross connected...) in different ways yields different results.

Unfortunetly you will only be able to use the multis from 5x to 12.5X (12.5x and 13x are the same multi, as you have found out), in order to use the multis from 13x and up you have to reverse the L10 bridges but that requires cutting a brideg which is dangerous.

Think of the L10 bridges as a switch which has two positions; high and low. in then low position you get 5x to 12.5x and in th high position you get 13x and up.