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Did i burn out my card?

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Jan 4, 2001
I have a GF2 MX400 PCI. Well what happened was, I put the card in another that has integrated card, and forgot to tighten the screw, and its came out while the puter was on, then I powered off, and screwed it back in tight, and powered on, and when it gets to the boot up screen, when its about to go to the desktop, it freezes....is it blown? Or is it just a driver conflict?
Boot it into safe mode and uninstall the drivers. Then install the knew drivers in safe mode.

I don't think you ruined anything. If that was the case, you wouldn't even be able to get to the desktop.

Well, thats the point, it stops just before the load....
OMG! That just happend to my brand new card (I got ****d cuz it wasnt what i ordered, so i tore it out my system :D ) and i could only boot to safe mode. I RMAed it anyway. My guess is that the drivers got corrupted or something because my geForce worked fine an dRadeon8500 ran on its drivers (GeForce= exact same card as yours) and the R8500 was my brand new card **cough**crap**cough**