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Did I buy the wrong Geforce? You nivida experts help me out please.....

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May 25, 2001
ok heres whats up. i wuz at best buy cruising for a new videocard and thinking about an all in wonder radeon,and i came acrooss a geforce 2mx 64mb for like 150$ and i read the stats on the box...and i was like "wow!" so i bought it and belive it or not its not nearly as fast as i thought i would be. i mean it runs quake3 pretty damn fast...but i cant play deusex in 32 bit color in 800x600 very fast at all. i have to put it into crappy 16 bit mode. so what im wondering is whats % better is the geforce 2 ultra or whatever millions of versions of geforce cards are out there. i mean i really wanted to use this card for future games such as unreal three and castle wolfenstein and doom3 and wondering if it would hold up. maybe one of you guys could tell me. how long will it last in the face of modern games? i hope it can keep up.
Yes that card will not keep up with the future games as you described.
The ultra might but a gf3 is your best bet.
You paid alot for that card as you can buy gf2 mx 64's for less than $100.00
Depending on the cpu, a GF2 mx will do pretty good, but I don't think it will be fast enough for doom3. If I had the money, I would go for the GF3.
I would recommend looking at alot of review from places like tom's hardware or riva3d.com. they give reviews and prices. You should be able to find what your looking for. There will be comparisons and everytthing. To find good prices go to pricewatch.com once you know which card to get. They have geforce 2 mx cards for as low as 50 bucks. they search for the lowest price through alot of online retailers. maybe someone on ebay would have a good card.
Your card is ok !

All u have to do is go to dues ex and get d3d patch or somrthing u will see it there.... i had same problem and since Dues Ex is best game ever i had to find out why i coudlnt play same way u trying.... so get the patch its like 100kb only and totaly fixes everything.
If you've bought that GF2 MX just recently, that's not a smart move for video card shopping. Shop wisely like I do.. :* you should've been more careful before buying a GF2 MX 64mb.
To answer your question, even a GF2 GTS is a huge gap increase performance over a GF2 MX 64 or 32mb. There's almost no performance difference between GF2 MX 64mb and 32mb. 64mb outperformes so slightly when the resolution, graphics features, and the games become really intensive. Same thing applies to GF2 GTS 32mb and 64mb.
Moreover, GF2 Pro is almost twice as fast as GF2 MX 64 or 32mb.. and GF2 Ultra will be way..... beyond the performance of MX. If you want to see % performance difference between GF2 Ultra and MX, my "guess" would be something like 150% better than the MX. (please dont quote me on this, only my estimate haha ) and im sure you'll get an idea on how far GF3 will be better than the MX. :)

My suggestion is that with fairly affordable price, you should've gone for:

GF2 Pro
ATI Radeon 32mb LE
Kyro II

Are you planning to return your MX and exchange for a better one? Or get a refund and shop online?
here's site for a geforce buying guide
Also the gf3 drivers are slightly buggy, when DX8 comes that will be fixed. The kyro II is not good if you're into high fps games like CS, Quake 3
If using a nVidia card, ALWAYS go for OpenGL if possible. In Unreal Engine based games (UT, Deus Ex, etc.) it's hell-of-a-lot faster than some M$ Standard.