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Did I fry my K7T Pro2-A Clearing the CMOS?

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New Member
Apr 18, 2001
After a bad overclock, I tried clearing the CMOS on my MSI by jumping pins 2 & 3 on JBAT1. I <think> that I turned the power supply off in the back, but I did not unlug it. After letting it clear for a few moments, I removed the jumper and I <suspect> that I accidently put it back onto pins 2 & 3. It did not power on. I switched off the power again, pulled the jumper, tried reclearing the BIOS, put it back onto pins 1 & 2, then tried turning it back on. I think that is how it went, but my memory is a little hazy now...
Anyways, the thing does not even power on now.
Could I have damaged the motherboard? Power supply? Fried the BIOS chip?
What to try next?

Athlon T-Bird 700 formerly at 935MHz.
Unplug the power supply from the board, remove the CMOS battery and leave it for a while. Hook everything back up (make sure the CMOS jumper is set correctly) and see if it fires up. They are pretty resiliant boards. I tried to kill one and couldn't :)
Thanks Tachyon,
It's up and running again. That cmos memory IS persistent.

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