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Did I kill my BOX???

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Aug 12, 2002
Maybe someone can help me. I just installed my first water cool system on my computer and it is turning into a disaster. I hooked everything up (dangerden waterblocks) and a homemade radiator. I let it run for about 8 hours and it worked flawlessly!! Next I install it in my machine and get everything properly tightened and hoses run and hose clamps installed. Then I run the system for about an hour with out the pc being hooked up just to make sure and again everything worked out fine. So I fire up my system and the thing sez I have a corrupt cmos and that default are being set. So this is weird but I reset everything and reboot and the machine starts the boot process but doesn’t load after the point when you would normally see the windows logo screen pop up. It just sits there and the monitor goes to no input signal. I reboot and set the settings to a speed that I know will work but I still get the same thing!!. I don’t know what else to do! there are no leaks and I used a static wrist strap the whole time I worked on it. The cooling system works real well cause I can get into the bios and see temps and it is running like 30c this is not on-die but that is way better that I was doing before. ANY IDEAS will greatly be appreciated.

P.S.The box is the same one that is in my sig and I have waterblocks for the CPU and GPU
If there are no leaks, I think I'm leaning to the fact that you have Arctic Silver (If you used it) on your motherboard. Carefully take the motherboard out and take a lint free cloth and clean the surface of the motherboard with isopropyl as well, front and back around the CPU area. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes.

If you just set it up check your hands and if you see Arctic Silver stains that could very well be it.
If you set all your settings back to normal, but did not do that directly after CMOS reset, try resetting the CMOS again and set everything to default or failsafe. If that doesn't work, it could simply be a corrupt installation of Windows. Also, if the screen is going black, make good and sure your video card is not suffering from Arctic Silver syndrome too. Lastly, make sure your water blocks are making good contact with the GPU and CPU. Make sure all components are seated well and no wires or jumpers are loose. It may be that you jostled something during installation. I forgot to plug in my IDE cable once and that screwed me up pretty bad. Corrupted my windows install and created some bad sectors I think too. Had to reinstall.

Thanks for the tips guys I will try them all when I get off work. I did use AS3 and may have contaminated a few points on the board. I hope I did not fry anything permanently!! Anyway thanks again!! I cant crap out now I have folding to do almost in the top 100.
the AS3 may have moved off the die and onto the chip shorting some connections. it could also be seated improperly with the weight. try putting the case on its side and removing and then reseating the cpu. lastly use a boot disk to see if its the rig or the windows install
ive had a similar problem once... what i did is i took out the bios battery for 30 seconds, put it back in, and reset the cmos. after that it didnt get stuck at the boot screen anymore.

also make sure that you didnt get any AS on your motherboard... that will mess it up too.
Did you try overclocking a bit higher when you popped the WC system in? Could have gotten a corrupt Windows instalation(as listed above) because the drive couldn't handle the higher PCI speeds.
I have my speed divider set to 1:5 and so that wasn’t the prob so I pulled it all apart. And cleaned it completely with PCB cleaner that I got at my local electronics surplus store (This box is just 3 months old and man was it funky!) and reapplied AC3 much more carefully!! After that I just reassembled and boom all is well!! So I am up to like 1.79 or so now with water. Thanks for all the help cause I thought I had fried it good! I had that sick feeling all day at work like I had killed it.. you know cant quit thinking about what went wrong.

P.S. watch where you put hose clamps. I noticed that sometimes when you put them on top of the first barb on the fitting they will leak make sure they are under it a bit.