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Did I purchase all of the correct things to mod my pc?

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Jan 8, 2002
Boulder CO
Yesterday I went over to homedepot and picked up a bunch of stuff. This is my first time i ever modded my pc and i would like to do it correctly.
1 89mm Hole Saw (for 2 92mm fans i will be attaching)
1 76mm hole saw (for 3 80mm fans i will be attaching)
a 3/8 " (9.53mm) Hole Saw Mandrel So I can attach the hole saw to a drill
A 7.2V MultiPro Cordelss 7700 Dremel. Runs top speed at 15,000 rpm
A Dremel Cut off whell set with 69 pieces
Saftey Glasses
Some arcillic lucite plexy glass

Basically what i want to do with my pc is on one side where i allready have a window (i purchased the lianli pc65 window for $30) i would like to mount 2 92mm fans over my pci cards. Then on the top of my case, i would like to mount 3 80mm ehaust fans.

On the right side of my case i want to carve into the metal with my dremel the flame on my avatar. After this is done I will connect it using some artic silver epoxy that i have laying around.

I heard somebody say something about some kind of oil that i need in a different thread. What kind of oil is this and is it really necessary?
I have heard obout this cutting oil also, but I cut 3 89mm holes without any and the look perfect on the outside (the inside is less than attractive, but hey, its the inside) be sure to start your cut on the inside!

Cutting oil will help your hole saws to last longer and will help keep the heat down and will leave you with a nicer cut.

I wouldnt wast your AS epoxy on putting on a window. it is much more expensive than the epoxy you could pick up at a Hardware store.

Goodluck and post some pictures as you make progress.
i REALLY reccomend returnign the cordless drill and getting the corded drill.....its faster and much better.....because as the cordless dremel goes on it gets weaker and weaker.....plus i think the corded one is $10 more
I agree, I had bought a cordless Dremel and damn that was sooooooo weak and the batter died every 30 min. So I went back to Lowe's(Home Depot equivalent) returned the $40 dremel and bought a $69 digital corded dremel. Don't buy the $64 normal corded dremel. The digital one comes with like 3x the amount of accessories and it has a digital speed controler :)
I agree with the above a corded drill will be far superior than a battery drill in this instance.
If you are cutting out a window it would be better to have a 8-10mm pilot hole in each of the 4 corners & use a fine toothed jig-saw blade, cut 2 of the parrallel sides first but leave about 2-3mm before reaching the hole (this stops the metal flapping about on the next cuts) Then cut out the other 2 sides doing the same then just nick out the 2-3mm metal salvedge.


OIL....yes it is important...Hole saws need some type of lubricant when cutting...any 3n1 oil will work fine..and its widely available at home improvement centers....the oils makes a mess...but it saves your hole saws!

Post some pics when you do the mods and have fun :D
Becareful what oil you use as oil is a lubricant & could result in a polishing type of cut which will get you nowhere, best to use a proper cutting oil recommended for the job. A job like you are taking on will look great if done right.

they did not have any cutting oil at home depot but i did get a higher rpm dremel that is plugged into the wall. Umm... where would i put this oil on the hole saw? do i put it on my case? Do i put it on the hole saw. Obviously i am using my hole saw with an electric drill.