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dielectric grease

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Just locate your nearest starter and alternator rebuilder. He can help you out, or let me know and i will send you some.
No, it is hard to find in my country..

If you can help me, i will realy pleasure and what should I do about sending the money?

thx a lot
Just give me your address. you can send me a money order or something. maybe i should ask what you are using it for dielectric grease is used for wire connections.let me know.
What is dieletric grease and whats so special about it
I use it quite a bit in the auto repair industry...usually on spark plug wire terminals, and ignition modules. I don't think it would be too good for a thermal compound, between the hsf and cpu, if that's your intention...

If so, I'd really recommend Arctic Silver for this. Much better suited for this application.

Mr B
Alot of us use dielectric grease in our cpu slots and sockets while using a peltier. It will prevent any moisture from building up in the slot or socket due to the cold temps. You can get it at any automotive store. Or maybe not where you live, where ever that is?

Yes like bdf24 said, i will using it for condensation prevention, and put it in the socket before I put cpu on it.

I will use TEC.
To AutoElectrician,

Also please give me the price and shipping cost to the city of Bandung, in West Java province, country Indonesia.

thx a lot
there is a product from gardner wagner (?) name is wire lub pulling.

It is look like grease, also dielectric.
It is for pulling wire through insulation pipe, it is save for plactic.

Can I use this produk?
as long as it's not conductive it should work. Some people have even used Vasoline to do it. But you need to be carfull there as some of the Vasolines will eat away at certaing plastics or materials. But you could try some on an old pci card you got laying around or something. Just to make sure.
you can buy dielectric grease from sidewindercomputers.com, look under extreme cooling. they ship international.
dont use wire pulling lube!! , it dries up over time ,, almost any auto parsts store sells dielectric grease , sometimes its called "ignition wire boot grease"
HerbiOre, sidewindercomputers.com doesn't deliver to my country, they just dekiver to US, Canada,