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Diff btwn 8KTA2, 8KTA3, and 8KTA3+

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Dec 22, 2000
I am interested in getting one of the Epox motherboards. I'm leaning toward the 8kta2 because of price but was wondering if the 3 would be worth the money($15 more) and what new features it brings other than 1 more dimm slot. And the only diff I see btwn the 3 and 3+ is the raid support and 2 more IDE connectors. I havnt seen any 3+ for sale, anyone know how much they go for?

I don't need raid and I can get by with 2 IDE connectors though 4 would be nice. I don't really need the extra dimm slot either. I cannot afford to risk frying anything at the moment so I won't be overclocking either. I just was wondering if they have extra features that would justify me spending more.
k ehres the deal
the 2 uses the VIA KT133 chip
the 3 uses the VIA KT133a chip and 686b sbridge
the + is just raid.
According to the epox website the 2 and 3 both use the kt133, but looking at some reviews they say it has the 133a.
Is there a large diff btwn running a board with a 133 compared to a 133a?
KT133a chipset is the new one, that allows you to run stable at much higher bus speeds.

The 8Kta3 also has all the overclocking functions in the bios, except for the 133/100 fsb switch.

Im running a tbird900@1050 with a 150fsb with the 8kta3