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Difference between idle temp and full load temp.

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Oct 24, 2002
Alright My chip's Idling at 50-51* celsius. At full load it only reaches 53* celsius. These are MBM's cusl2 readings on an asus a7v333 (bios readings are ~10degrees less). Case temps 23* celsius at the moment.

What does this mean exactly? Im using a sk-7 and with an 80mm 3600rpm fan on it, so that Idle temp seems pretty damn high to me. Is the reading inaccurate? Does anyone know for CERTAIN where the hell the reading's coming from? (I've been told Asus mobo mounter thermistor, asus mobo mounted thermistor with 10* tacked on, amd on die reading, amd on die reading with 10 degrees knocked off.) Does anyone actually KNOW?

(At the moment I'm running an 1800+ at 1.79 volts 11.5x145 and getting about 2* hotter temps than I got at default speed.)

Also note... this heatsink is as smooth as any heatsink in existance, (I'm excellent at lapping), and uses properly applied AS3. (I reapplied it following instructions exactly, to be certain.) The As3 has been setting about one day, though the other times I've used it, I've noticed no drop that could account for these temps (never more than 1-1.5*)

Am I wrong in assuming that Idle and full load temps on this chip should be closer to 7 or 8 degrees apart?


Apr 28, 2002
its different for all mobos! that is the temp sensing and monitorying!
i have the same setup now and 1 week ago i got a new mobo from abit

temps then said

now the say

core temp 58C (this mobo reads the core temps for the cpu)

maybe ur mobo does the same?! maybe!
when i run at full load temps go to
68C core. zalman flower cooler not running at full rpm so temps could be lower (i like it quite)

if its running it ok! if u have a decent fan on it and good airflow dont worry about temp readings to much!
some people have bad airflow and there temp sensors read rubbish low temps and they o/c and their chips dont fry!

if the cpu gets to hot it will crash firstly (if it isnt o/c by 20MHz straight away, little by little)
so its quite hard to fry a chip if everything is running fine (fans that is)


Aug 29, 2001
It is really hard to tell the temps on the mobo since it itself is inaccurate. Most mobo have their temp monitors in the cpu mount like the ones you see on the abit board, but others might b different. I'm pretty sure your epox board has it in the cpu mount because My friend has one but it is not the 8k5a2+ (no sure about the asus one).

Have you tried using thermal paste on the core of your cpu? It might be the problem because my friend had really high temps with his asus board and he's just @ stock speed until he tried thermal paste and it drop about 9-6 C.

I also have one last question in mind. Do you have a nice air flowing case so that the hot air from the cpu can get out of the case quicker (rather than using the psu as exhuast) ?