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Differences between VIA's new KT-333 and KT-333A chipsets???

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Nov 11, 2001
Sunnyvale, Cali, Silicon Valley
The only difference that I know of is that the KT-333 only has the AGP 2.0 4X standard and the KT-333A has the new AGP 3.0 8X standard for the new nVIDIA 8X gFORCE 4 4600 Ti graphics card. No 8X AGP speeds for the KT-333.:( Does anyone know of any other differences between these two chipsets because I'm thinking of getting the new ASUS KT-333 board that is out right now. When is that darn KT-333A Northbridge chip going to get here VIA??? I can't wait that much longer for a new DDR II Socket A mobo!:eh?:
From what ive gathered there will be no Kt33a.....the kt400 is next........and I to have been looking and wanting the ASUS kt333 board
Here is a Link from over at toms regarding new info unvailed at CeBIT 2002 ... it seems to confirm not only will there be no kt333a but via will skip over the kt400 rolling out the kt400a in a few weeks...doh! here is a snip:
"Most of the motherboard manufacturers talked quietly about the new VIA chipset, the KT400A. It's clear that VIA will not be launching a new "A" version to follow the introduction of the KT333 chipset DDR333 For Athlon: VIA KT333 vs. KT266A. Instead, within the next few weeks, VIA will be coming out with the VIA KT400A, which is supposed to be the first chipset for AMD Athlon that supports a memory clock of up to 200 MHz (DDR400). "
From what I have read on the internet and seen in this forum, VIA skipped the kt333 and went sthraight on to kt333a. This due to the fact that they would not be launching another chip before the kt 400, and people reckognises the -a- version as a better and more stable than the original. Sort of the same thing AMD did with it's PR-rating on processors.

Please give me respons on this!

prolly not, after that, hammers will be mainstream, and a hammer systems chipset is totally diff than x86 ones. hypertransport will change alot