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Different area high speed

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Mar 23, 2001
Suwanee, GA
Can you get better connections at residental areas? I have DSL and want to set up servers but my upload is way too slow
It's all about the quality of the lines and the distance you are from the main hub. Short of moving or getting a dedicated T1 line or building your own infrastructure, theres probably not a whole lot you're going to be able to do.

Have you looked into cable? That might be your most cost effective change.

here is something better :)

DSL Digital Subscriber Line Downstream
bits/s Upstream
bits/s Notes
ADSL Asymmetric DSL up to 8m up to 1m The most common DSL technology. Downstream speed is higher than upstream speed.
RADSL Rate adaptive Asymmetric DSL up to 7m up to 1m ADSL that adjusts dynamically to varying lengths and quality of access lines.
UADSL Universal Asymmetric DSL up to 1.5m up to 512k ADSL with no need for a phone line splitter.
SDSL Symmetric DSL up to 2m up to 2m Same upstream and downstream speed. Can't share the line with voice communication.
HDSL High bit rate DSL 1.544m 1.544m Used for years as the basis for T1 lines. Requires 2 pairs of wire.
VDSL Very high bit rate DSL up to 51.64m up to 19.2m Still in development. Can be asymmetric or symmetric. Highest speeds at short distance only
IDSL ISDN DSL 128k 128k Can reach farther distances than ADSL or SDSL. Unlike true ISDN, it's only for data.

Cable length Max Downstream
to 9,000 ft 8.5 mbit/s
...12,000 ft 6.3 mbit/s
...16,000 ft 2.0 mbit/s
...18,000 ft 1.5 mbit/s
...22,000 ft RADSL or IDSL only
22,000 + ft IDSL only
I think Miknow was asking if he can get a faster upload speed for his connection. Most ISP's tend to cap upload speed at 256K for standard service for DSL and cable too.

Best thing to do is contact your ISP and see if they have any updated packages. You might have to get business service. Also Try www.dslreports.com for info about ISP's in your area. My work has a 1200/1200 SDSL line from megapath/covad for about $300 a month with 6 static IP's.
Most ISPs limit uploads... My cable upload is capped to about 50KBytes/s, and my old DSL upload was capped at about 20KBytes/s.

Most ISP's business packages simply involve extending your download cap, and sometimes uncapping your upload. If you are looking to run a server, it may be worth your while to purchase the business package for more bandwidth.
I would recommend if you are trying to run a server is to upgrade your service one lvl you will probably have like double the bandwidth.