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Different CPU temps from different source

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Mar 24, 2016
I've been using ArgusMonitor for awhile now, and I just realized that the CPU temps are different depending on the source.

If the source is "CPU" temp is 21~23C
If the source is the AIO: 24~26C
If the source is Nuvoton PEC: 26~27
If the source is Nuvoton CPUTIN: 29
If the source is Asus Service CPU (the motherboard's own sensor, I guess): 28~30

Which one should I use when setting up custom fan speed curves??

As of now, I just set it to ASUS motherboard's temp since it's the highest and I figure...eh sure why not.

Firat, I dont imagine AIO is a CPU temp...not sure the PEC from the nuvoton chip is either (pretty sure that's cpu temp from mobo sensor.

Next, I'm not sure of the application you're using either. For cpu temps, i use Coretemp or Hwinfo. After googling Argus, it looks a bit jenky, lol.

Worth noting, I havent set fan curves in well over a decade. Setting them on low yields quiet operation and more than acceptable temps. The difference in temps isn't worth the additional fan noise for me. Remember, K.I.S.S. ;)

Edit: I'd look at Coretemp and see what sensor on your app that matches and go with that. Or, id use the mobo software (what parts do you have? Please create a signature so we know what hardware you have everytime you post. Ive asked this of you at least twice now!) or even the bios to do it...sure beats a 3rd party app!
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FWIW some newer AIOs have a USB connector and will read your CPU temps (MSI MEG Coreliquid S360/S280).

Also, those are idle temps and the sensors are, or at least were, notoriously off at idle temps. While It's good to know to help identify issues like TIM application and mounting pressure, idle temps are otherwise unnecessary.

Focus on load temps. They should be more accurate and truly more important in the big picture. Like Earthdog I generally use HWInfo. It seems to be the most trusted.

A far as fan curves, I set mine really low at idle, off if available. And then ramp then you accordingly to temps. I will run my fans at 100% when doing long heavy calculations like handbrake. I tend to target my CPU max Temp about 10-15°C cooler than the throttle point. So 85°c for my AMD Ryzen 3700x & 3900X.
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My fans run at 60% at idle temperatures. It only spins at 100% when the CPU is 75C. I was fiddling around with the fan control curve and wondered why the CPU temp source gave me different measurements. My PC is quiet. Sound of fan is a soft whisper, my laptop's fans are louder. I also live in the city next to a major street, so noise pollution drowns out any noise my PC might make.

Does HWInfo have benchmarking feature? If no, Prime95 or Aida64 good?
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Please create a signature so we know what hardware you have everytime you post. Ive asked this of you at least twice now!)
There. I did it. I think :unsure:
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To my ears, laptop fans are always louder. It's that high pitch that seems synonymous with laptops.

I'm not aware if HWInfo has an included benchmark. If it does I don't use it. LOL Both Prime95 and AIDA64 are good for stability testing and both offer free options. With Prime95 you'll want the latest version and run Small FFTs. This is good for testing out thermal capabilities. It's a bit extreme so if your system fails thermally, that doesn't mean you don't have adequate cooling. It's not really a real-world scenario.

This is why many of us have switched to AIDA64 Engineer. It offers a bit more. With AIDA64 you can run CPU+FPU+Cache for closer to a real-world stress test. In settings, you have the option to enable/disable AVX.
I suppose I shall go and find CPU temp not at idle. I shall be back...eventually.

edit: Hmm. So I found that CPUID/CPU-Z had a stress CPU button and tried it out before getting Aida or Prime.

"CPU Cores max" (that's what it says in the app): 55~58C
Nuvoton CPUTIN: 37C
Asus Service: CPU: 45C
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