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Different ways to mount the fan on .a PEP66?

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You can rotate the shroud 90 degrees and have the fan top-mounted, but the PEP will operate at least 2-3 degrees hotter (and perhaps more).
I found on mine that reversing the fans to blow into the heatsink corrected the loss from rotating the shrouds.
Here's what I did. First of all - I know this sounds really cheap and cheesy, but I swear it works MUCH better than I thought it would. Ok ready? I superglued a Sunon 60mm on top of my PEP66 blowing down onto the sink. Yep, that's right - regular ole superglue. The fan is glued onto the top fins - no shroud. I then screwed the 4 screws into the top between the fins, and then applied some superglue to the screws so they would hold better.

The key is to apply the glue in a very thin layer to the fan itself, then center it over the sink, and apply pressure for about 10 minutes. I guarantee that once it's on, it's not coming off again. Here's how I know...the first time I tried it I forgot to put the clip on before the fan! DOH! I had to get the fan I had just superglued onto the PEP66 off again, and it wasn't easy! I had to apply major pressure to get the thing off, but finally I managed it. I really couldn't believe how well it held. I used some nail polish remover to get the residual glue off the fins, then did it again only this time I put the clip on first (that was such a stupid mistake).

Let me tell you it works great, in fact I think it performs better than rotating the mounting shroud, because the shroud blocks some airflow onto the fins and acts as a "greenhouse" holding hot air inside the shroud itself. My way leaves the entire sink exposed and allows the airflow to pass through unimpeded. Yeah I know it's ghetto, I know it's crude. But it really works, and is totally invisible to the eye. It looks perfect and works better.