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Digital Doc5

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I am thinking of using it to replace the use of MBM.
Is it worth the money?
And will it work when the conputer is in standby?
I think it's worth the money if you have enough fans and temp probes. Otherwise you don't really need it.

Check if your PSU keeps delivering the +5 and +12V levels if you set the system to standby mode. If it does, ypu digidoc will work in standby mode.
I hate to say it but alot of people say this thing is junk. read the forumes at the digital doc wedsite and look at all the pissed off people. I wanted one until I read the forum. it's to bad but maybe the next version will be better.
I had it once and have very bad luck with it....its good if you have the need for it but there are alot of things I dont like about it, such as you cant turn off 1 fan at a time, its all or nothing.

For the money you would be better off just getting a regular baybus
I just bought one & I think it works great...
I have only 6 of the 8 temp probes hooked up, but they all read just fine.. Also, you CAN turn on/off each fan individually as well as have the unit turn them on/off for you when the temp reaches a limit you set. I haven't seen any bad reviews of this unit, but I'm not surprised because I have had no trouble at all..

I don't know if it keeps running while the PC is in standby though.. I would think so because it's still getting the 12vdc..
I have mine hooked up and its running just fine. Currently only using 3 temp probes and 5 fans. Helps me keep a close eye on my die temp while testing HSFs. I know there are bad reviews out there, but it works just fine for me. Better than having to make it all myself. The only thing I see thats a problem is that it will kick on fans for a few secs to lower temps, then turn them off, then on a sec later, off, on, off.... but I just leave all of mine on and monitor temps and RPMs in different sections of my case. You could get by with an lcd and raybus, I just didnt have the resouces at the time to build one.
Well I ordered the digital doc today. To get the MB temp I was going to put a probe on the back of the MB and for the Vid Card I was going to put it on the back of the GPU will this work for getting good temp readings?