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Dimms Positioning, better o/c?

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Mar 19, 2002

I remember Joe talking about this a few months ago.
Well I have an 1700+ xp on a kt7a with 2x256 infineon cl2.

Overclocked to 150fsb:
If I put them on dimm 1 and 2 (furthest from the cpu) prime95 gives errors within 2 minutes.

If I put them in the 2 dimms closest to the cpu prime 95 can run for an hour before I get something. Sometimes I can run for 3 or 4 before anything happens.

Now I know most xp's dont make it past 145 fsb, so wtf. SOmething is screwy here.

Anyways I hope this helps some people.

Oh ya, temps are 45c underload (1650mhz)