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DING DING DING.....Round 2....

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Senior Member
Dec 25, 2000
OoooooooooooooKay, I finally got my new board back. as you all remember, I, Metaxas was forced to retreat from the heat of battle due to a faulty....something. So anyways, I was getting all excited, until I remembered something horrible. The water cooling rig...well...a part of it did not survive shipping, the reservoir got cracked badly by the hard edge of the radiator during transit. And "unfortunetly" for me, the site that I bought it from, now does not have any more, and they were supposed to get some last week. Well, its a week later, after I send this thing back, and I still don't have my replacment part. Hopefully, when ever, sometime in the distant future, in a galaxy far far away, someone will get off their arse and ship my reservoir. Cause, now that I have a new board, and going to hook all this mess up again, I now don't have any cooling....DOH. ;D
Ever heard the term air cooling before? heatsinks with a fan on- Noisy but effective. :¬)}

No, sorry Metaxas. You get a bit of Luvly New Kit and can't run it. Nightmare!

I'm glad I got a Slot 1 Board, else I wouldn't have been able to run my 'puter at all for an extra month. As my old Celly died when the board killed itself, and I didn't find out until I got the replacement board. I could run my old pII until Intel RMA'd me a newie!
The only air cooler that I have is a hedgehog, and i'm not putting that thing back on, i'm scared of it. ;D
Hey Met,
Go to Lowe's or Home Depot and get a plastic junction box and use that as a resovior till ya get the replacement or ya might end up happy with the results and tell em to keep their resovior and refund ya your money.
I agree...I have a 6"X6"X4" junction box that I am using as a reservoir. It works very well...and it holds about 2/3 gallon of coolant! Of course, you will need a LOT of floor space in the bottom of your case.
I was going to use a junction box till my case came and I realized I had all that room behind the hard drive cage, so I made a resoviour out of pvc pipe, it's all about to change again once I get this phase change waterchiller set up and running, too many things to iron out to have it done anytime soon.
Reservoir and pump and radaitor are NOT going in the case, not enough room. And the reservoir and pump are a all-in-one kinda deal, it should be here early next week, probably will get here, when my new copy of win2k and some fans and crap will get here, so hopfully, by next weekend, I should have a completely functional system. :)