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dire problem with cmos battery holder... need advice

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Sep 2, 2002
Haiku, Maui
I took my laptop motherboard to a technician to replace the cmos battery holder because for some reason it had been broken by the previous owner. As he desoldered the old holder, he removed the solder from the motherboard itself of the positive pole of the battery holder, leaving no place to re-solder the new holder. Is there a fix for this? When I reproached the technician he told me to go look for a another place on the motherboard where 3 volts enter and make a bypass. Does this make any sense?


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2008
What he told you is probably true but I guess I don't understand why the missing solder point can't be redone. Tying into another connecting point on the board would require some soldering anyway.

At some point you need to consider the cost of fixing this compared to getting a new laptop. Laptop repairs can be time consuming if you are paying someone to do it. And if you're doing this yourself I would certainly recommend thinking through a scheme to keep track of where all the little screws go and how it all fits together. Make diagrams, take pictures, etc. as I can tell you from experience, not doing so will get you into trouble.


Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
This will be easier to type than to do. Looking at the trace where the battery holder was soldered, follow it back. You might be able to use a sharp knife to clean a random spot of the trace and solder a jumper wire there. Or, maybe you could follow the trace to the next solder point and solder your jumper there.

This is very fiddly work and beyond my general skill. You'll need an iron with a small tip. Youtube should provide some videos with this type of work.

It sounds like your tech guy burnt the solder pad which happens to guys like me who do not know what they are doing. Too much heat for too long = missing solder pad.