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DIRECT X8 should i upgrade from 7

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Well no guarantee you wont have problems.
Alot of newer games require it thou.
I am using it with no problems.
some games require it indeed. But some pc's don't seem to lile it either... if you're running Me, you can always use the system restore to get rid of your DirectX 8.0 if your pc desn't like it...
Yes there are other people who have some problems and performance degrade jumping from DX7a to DX8. I didn't have problems when I installed DX8 but my gaming perfomance decreased by over 3 FPS in some games. Besides, I dont have very new games that need DX8 anyway.. I had best performance result with DX6.1a with Det. 6.18 nVidia driver. DX7a with Det 6.18 worked well too.
I have DirectX8a which supposedly fixed some bugs. It's working great for me. You should use DX8 if you're using the latest beta Detonator drivers. The 10.xx and above drivers are optimized for DX8.
Thanks i made the switch and i believe i'm useing the 12.10 or 12.20's that you like too have not tried playing games yet but i'll benchmark later.


Hey wait i just checked sisandra and it says i still have dx7 i used windows update to download these if thats a mistake where can i download dx8 and install myself?
I got my DX8a from either madonion.com (the 3Dmark folks) or from a link I went to from that site. I downloaded a zipped file and then I believe it self installed when I unzipped it.

Actually, I'm using Detonator 12.40 drivers right now. They are currently giving me the best video benchmarks.
Thanks all I think before i upgrade I may need to reformat since i reformatted with a bad hard drive ribbon cable i'm having a few problems with IE5.5 when i try and switch pages while there loading evrerything gets real laggy you know a page pops up you dont like and you close it as i do everything slows down way to much maybe i'll try and just reinstall IE first but I will switch to 12.40's and dx8 tonight quick update I just went to to remove IE through control panel and i gave me the option to fix it instead of removing it and it seemed to work :)