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Direction of air flow for case fan

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Mar 23, 2001
I just want to be certain about the following points:

1) For case fan, the air will flow from the side without the fan sticker (or label) to the side with the sticker.

2) In a case where you want the front fan to pull in fresh air and the back fan to exhaust the hot air out, you must see the following: the sticker (or label) for the front fan must be seen; no sticker or label are seen for for the back fan.

Please tell me if this is correct. Your really appreciate any answer on this question
I don't know about stickers, but the fans generally blow toward the side where the motor is attached to the frame. Also, the better quality ones have arrows, indicating rotational direction and airflow direction, molded into the edge of the frame on one of the four sides.

It should work that way, but I've got some fans with stickers on both sides. You may have some molded-in arrows on the side of the fan shroud, one should indicate direction of airflow and one should indicate the rotational direction of the fan's motor.

On all the fan's I've got the wires run into the body(and motor) on the side that the air flows towards. The fan's body connects to the shroud on this side as well. Of course, if there is any doubt, you can alwasy plug the fan in and find out.
Most fans will have directional arrows, but those that don't, one side has the case housing attached and this is the "outlet" direction. The side with the blades completely exposed is "intake"