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directron power supplies

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Jul 14, 2002
I noticed that the Deer in the picture has some missing components -- jumper in the lower left (TTGI has a green disk in the middle for it), probably missing resistors or capacitors in the lower right. Also the Deer uses cheap brown disk capacitors that may be not be UL approved while the TTGI has blue ones that probably are.


Jul 19, 2002
okinawa, japan
get an antec 480 tp, why cus i bought one and soooo uh i dont know, and they're less than a hundred!
peer pressure, peeer pressure! all the cool kids have antec true power
edit: does any one else find my posts boring void of actualy usefull information?


Nov 16, 2001
U.S. East Coast
The specs look strong on that TTGI, probably better than the Enermax. It has two 80mm fans like the TTGI 370w I bought last year. Mine wasn't advertised as a quiet model and it's not. However, this one is and so it probably is quiet enough. The review of it at the Directron site is positive and seems credible. Without knowing more about it I'd still say it would be good enough for my $ if I had to choose between it and the Enermax 350w. However, I've got to agree with R.Rabbit and recommend the Antec TruPower model over the TTGI; the 380w is a good buy. Still, for the money, the TTGI looks like a great deal.


Oct 9, 2002
Sparkle 350watt FSP350-60BTS

I recommend it. At the same time, need advice :)

I am planning to buy this PSU. It costs $47.00 :)

In Tom's Hardware Guide, a review of 21 PSUs recommended the FSP powersupply (branded as Vertex or something in the review).
In the review, it said that it reached 454Watts :) :) max output power.
Combined 3.3V and 5V is 220W max I think.

What do you think of this suuply..?

Thanks in advance...


Jul 17, 2001
Denver, Colorado
I bought the 320watt TTGI a while back. It's decent, for the price- dual, temp-controlled clear-bladed fans, spiffy gold grills, lots of Molexes. My only beef is that my +5V line dropped a little more than I liked it too when I bumped up my core voltage on my old Athlon.

Definately worth what I paid for it.