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DirectX vs OpenGL

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Aug 14, 2014
So i'm curious, Quake/Doom/Wolfenstein and a few others have always been OpenGL which something like 15 years ago would mean slightly worse quality then DX or equivalent, but nowadays it produces similar or better quality graphics (having played all of them have no issues comparing Doom to Crysis 2-3) at seemingly a much higher FPS... Why aren't all games OpenGL ? CryEngine is very nice and all but the hardware toll is massive compared...


Benching Team Leader
May 29, 2005
probably just momentum for the engines that are used. Quake/Doom/Wolf are all id games based on a similar engine which could explain why that is the way it is. Most (as far as I know) other engines utilize DirectX likely because it is taught more and more people use it, thus people that learn/go to work for other places continue with it. It may also be harder to code/work with (I am not a developer/designer so that is a complete guess)


Jun 12, 2010
I dont think OpenGL was originally designed for games. But it worked. DirectX is Microsoft's proprietary alternative. The main reason its used and popular is because its built into Windows, and of course the Xbox. I think Vulcan will have a great impact once it gets out there and devs get a feel for it. The big advantage with OpenGL is crossplatform, which in these days means a lot I would argue..