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DirectX8 are working with you? Or, how many of you are using it?

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Dec 30, 2000
After finding dx8 uninstallers around, and sad experiences with it in win2k, I decided do not install it in my win ME... and everything still fast and stable. ;P
"Sad experiences in Win2K"??? I haven't seen any such thing, unless it's on a non-mainstream video card or something.

DX8 on Win2K with nVidia drivers 6.47 or later provides D3D performance equivalent to the Win9x platform. I deleted my Win98SE dual-boot installation, who needs it.

Wow, it&#39s amazing! Exactly what I wanted hear!

Well, could ya tell me more about your system? Cause I tried win2k with poor performance even with latest detonators, 4in1, tweaking and overclocking. All I got was a damn slow and unstable system with win2k. Switched to toy os win me and everything works great and fast and stable!
Never tried it on a TNT2, that's getting non-mainstream these days.

My Athlon system isn't up, I have a useless !#$! Asus A7M266 DDR board sitting here because it won't allow multiplier selection.

Anyway, my two systems that are running Win2K/DX8 perfectly, and get about 7100 & 6400 3DMarks, respectively, are:

System 1:
Asus CUSL2, P3/866 @ 932, Alpha PAL6035
CoolerMaster ATCS-200
256MB Mushkin Infineon Rev2 CAS2
Hercules 3D Prophet II GeForce2 Ultra, Sony GDM-F500
Adaptec 2940U2W, 2x 10K RPM Ultra2 SCSI 18.2GB
Plextor UltraPlex 40Max, Yamaha 6416 CDRW
Intel PRO/100 NIC, SB Live! Full Original

System 2:
Abit VP6, dual P3/866 @ 936, Alpha PAL6035s
In-Win Q700
512MB Infineon CAS2
Hercules 3D Prophet II GeForce2 64MB, Iiyama Pro 510
HPT370 onboard RAID, 2x IBM 75GXP RAID 0
Kenwood 72X
Intel PRO/100 NIC, Hercules Game Theater XP
Oh, forgot my third test box, that's destined to become the A7M266 platform. It works fabulous with Win2K/DX8 also:

Asus P3V4X, P3/650 cB0 @ 950
AddTronics 8296
Seagate Barracuda ATA II
3Com 3C509B NIC
Guillemot Multi Sound Fortissimo
Oh, I see. I should used another topic. DX8 and AMD sistems! Hehehe, in my old bx board, win2k rocked! But with my actual system... :'(
God, yes! I've been trying anything to do it runs. After the amd patch, it became stable, but slower 300 3dmarks than win me...
Runing win2k on an Athlon system with Dx8. Made my system more stable. Before I was having troble running Baulders gate 2 it would crash to the desk top at random intervals. After upgrading it hasn't crashed once. I can even alt- tab to desk top.

750mhz athlon@803 on msi k-7t pro mb
320mb 133cl2 ram
v770ultra agp card
maxtor ata66/100 7200rpm drive
soundblaster live value