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disappointed with the first of my 1.6a's

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Oct 20, 2001
2030mhz/127fsb is the max i've tried and stable, 1.625v

using abit BD7 and 512mb crucial DDR @ DDR200

: (((

lets hope the other one i have is better
yep its too bad you ONLY got 400mhz out of your cpu...what a shame lol;) ...cheer up man...hopefully your next cpu will make the jap sites jealous like 3.0GHZ on air or some stuff like that....:beer:
its my cousins machine, im just setting it up

hes happy, he came from a p3 800EB, and hell the 1.6a's are meant to get better with a little time

thing is we ordered together from the same place so im paranoid my chip will be the same now :/
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Probably just needs more cooling and more voltage. Those Northwoods act like they hit a wall, then you pour a little more voltage to them and they start climbing again. Of course, you need better cooling before bumping the voltage. But, shhhhh! Don't tell your cuz that, so you'll have a faster machine... lol.
1.6 volts is not enough to bump that up to 2400. I'd try at least 1.7 before you give up.
Better, cooling and voltage is what you need probably.

What you can also try is looping through the Prime95 torture test, seems like it'll help where you didn't get what you wanted out of the box.

saytan said:
2030mhz/127fsb is the max i've tried and stable, 1.625v

using abit BD7 and 512mb crucial DDR @ DDR200

: (((

lets hope the other one i have is better
you need more juice, do the v-pin mod. your ram is good, and you should be able to get a little higher with the mod. the bd7 is very limiting without the mod.

slap me if i am wrong. i got my 1.6a a few days ago und freashly installed win98se. really freash. no drivers. no nothing.

i have infinion 256 ddr pc2100 cl2 layer 8 RAM
and a epox 4sda

at default voltage i can boot at 2400mhz.

although i´m not sure if the cpu throttels down the mhz when having problems....

i will soon install prime95 and other progs to stress it out and see if it runs stable...

btw can anyone tell me where i can get the files to check stabiliy on my setup?

im going to go with the beta bios over vid wrapping, since im clumsy
I have a 1.8a and I couldnt get it to run @133fsb on my gigabyte 8srx until i wrapped my vid pins. It wouldnt even post at 1.8v without the vid pin mod. the same thing happened with my bd7r.
As soon as I did the mod booted right up at 133 and my memory is @166. thats my experience with it.
this one posts and runs windows tasks just fine at 2133, games and high-stress apps are what make it fall over

just built this rig(see below), seems to run fine. Be sure and up the ddr voltage, that helps. Runs fine at 2133 and it will boot at 150fsb but crashes in 3dmark at 2.4. overall it "can" be a good board but i am getting the booting issues most others are having. i am willing to bet your 1.6a could do much better than what you are getting, is it getting hot?

p4 [email protected] 1.5v
2x256 crucial 2100 2.7v
asus 8200 gf3 250/530
2x ibm 307030
cdrom... ect...