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PROJECT LOG dismalDIRGE (A Ryzen Build)

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"That Backfired" Senior Member
Jun 5, 2013
Go Blue!
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dismal [diz-muh l]
1. causing gloom or dejection; gloomy; dreary; cheerless; melancholy: dismal weather.
2. characterized by ineptness or lack of skill, competence, effectiveness, imagination, or interest; pitiful: Our team played a dismal game.
3. Obsolete. disastrous; calamitous. unlucky; sinister.

DIRGE [durj]
1. a funeral song or tune, or one expressing mourning in commemoration of the dead.
2. any composition resembling such a song or tune in character, as a poem of lament for the dead or solemn, mournful music: Tennyson's dirge for the Duke of Wellington.
3. a mournful sound resembling a dirge: The autumn wind sang the dirge of summer.
4. Ecclesiastical. the office of the dead, or the funeral service as sung.

dismalDirge is the name chosen by a good friend of mine. This is not only his online screen name, he also has some art listed under this name. Under his permission I will share some of his dark art and literature here in conjunction with this build log. Now, on with the good stuff.

This build will be using the newly released AMD Ryzen processor. The ZEN line of CPU's is a low power high performance option and I'm very excited to get my hands on my first sample. This will be primarily a gaming build but will also need to do a fair amount of video editing. For this reason we have opted to go with the Ryzen 7 1700 8 core 16 thread CPU. He games at a 1080p resolution and would like to be able to run all settings at max. I have selected a GTX 1070 8GB GPU to manage this task.

Stay tuned as parts should start rolling in early next week. With that here is the first piece of literature written by dismalDIRGE.
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Cold Mind Warm Heart
by DismalDIRGE

I have a cold mind with a warm heart,
They are always conflicting and tearing each other apart.

The mind is always so logical and smart,
but actions sometimes must come from the heart.

Now listen closely, my mind is cold and calculating.
It enjoys logic and the art of manipulating.

On the other hand, my dear, my heart is crystal clear.
It loves to love and holds it's color near.

But when my heart and mind come together,
the thing that is broken is my treasure.

For both can not exist with one another,
lest they try and destroy each other.

I always try to trust my heart and tell myself it's right,
but my mind always reminds me that I'll be the one hurt tonight.

My cold mind is ever calculating and all knowing,
but without my heart my color stops showing.

For when my heart becomes frozen and cold,
my life becomes dull and lonely, that's the truth to be told.
Agreed. I've known for a long time that he liked to draw, but it wasn't until recently that I found out he could write.

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Don't you just love seeing this on the front porch when you get home from a long day of work? I know I do.

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OK, so our first official post for this build will cover the PSU, Ram, and CPU Cooler. First up is the PSU.

As Ryzen is a relatively low power chip and the newer nVidia GPU's are as well we really don't have the need for a monster 850 watt plus power supply. I was actually quite surprised actually to find out how little this build will take. All calculations came out to just under 400 watts. To put that into perspective I haven't bought a power supply that small since my early days of building rigs, think Athlon days. So without further adieu Here is the Power Supply selected for this build.

Seasonic G series 550W Semi Modular. I could have stepped down to a 450 watt unit but the price point was very comfortable and this will allow dismalDIRGE to add a second GPU in SLI in the very unlikely event he ever needs to. This power supply is 80+gold rated and comes with the power cable, a 8 pin + 6+2 pin PCIe, a 6+2 pin PCIe, 2x SATA cables, 2x Molex cables, a Molex to mini 4 pin adapter, screws, zip ties, and 3 black and blue Seasonic Velcro ties. Also included is a very nice black storage bag.

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Moving on to the RAM I selected a 2x8GB DDR4-2400Mhz CL16 at 1.20 volts kit by AVEXIR. This is part of their CORE series and features a blue LED at the top of the heatsinks for a little flair. They were priced very reasonably and I'm hopeful they will play well with Ryzen. Yes, there is quite a bit of concern here. AVEXIR does not list a QVL compatibility list for this series and neither does Ryzen. To add further concern, if you've been following Ryzen since the beginning you don't need me to tell you the issues members have been having pertaining to memory. To help minimize these issues I'm hoping that running a stock supported speed of 2400Mhz at Dual channel will help with this. This will certainly be a wait and see senario. Ram pron below.

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Finally we get to see the CPU cooler. I've never been a fan of AMD's stock coolers. They're loud and not very effective. I honestly have no idea if this is true with their new Wraith coolers but I'm not a fan of the look either. So this build will get the tried and true Cooler Master 212x. In my opinion the 212x is the perfect bang for your buck. It's much quieter than the EVO and Plus varients and worth the slight price difference. Here we have another minor discrepancy though. Per the CM webpage this is compatible with the AM4 socket (LINK). Naturally the new cooler shipped to me does not list AM4. So, I will need to contact CM and request a free mounting adapter. I'm a little perturbed by this, but not really surprised.

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Well, that's all for now. Stick around for further updates that will be happening in the next few days. :salute:

P.S. The 212x images are borrowed from the Manjkls1 build I did late last year. I chose not to open this one yet in the event it needs to get returned for incompatibility.
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Hehe! Look what the cat dragged in. :welcome: to the Forums DismalDIRGE!
Loving the cooling choice Blay! I know you have a thing for those Hyper 212s. :) This is my official sub to the project! Looking forward to seeing your implementation of dismal's work into case form.
Oh man, what a theme! Time to get Existential!
I am a sick man… I am a wicked man. An unattractive man. - Фёдор Миха́йлович Достое́вский
Sub'd. Love the Cooler Master.

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Yesterday FedEX was kind enough to deliver the GPU to the Man-cave. DismalDIRGE and I decided on a GTX 1070 as he games at 1080p and I have him looking into a new G-SYNC monitor to capitalize on nVidia's awesome technology. I decided to go with the EVGA GTX1070 SC with 8GB vRAM, a Core Clock 1594MHz that Boosts to 1784MHz, and has 1920 CUDA Cores. This particular one is the Black Edition. Most of the shiny chrome pieces are painted gloss black and will really help with the scheme of this build. I was excited to see that this GPU was listed as one of the lesser expensive units and will help keep this build only slightly over budget (aren't they always over :) ).

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I was hoping to get a GPU with a back plate but the cost for that model was just higher than I was willing to go and to be honest you'd likely never see it anyhow. At anyrate stay tuned as more boxes will be arriving early next week.

- - - Updated - - -

Here is a sketch titled Smile by dismalDIRGE

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Blay, what are you planning on for the Mobo? If it has an LED header, you could consider something like this:

I can let you know how they work next week after I get my stuff in. When I did the first build in my S340 I was looking for a software controlled LED setup, since then, NZXT released a product for that, and it seems the Mobo manufacturers also jumped in that pool. Really looking forward to playing with my new build soon.

So far this looks like a sweet build. Just a heads up on the AM4 adapter: it's $7(USD) for shipping. Ordered mine on Thursday night and still 'awaiting shipping'. Might want to order it sooner rather than later to make sure the adapter comes in from CoolerMaster

Thx B_F. Lets just say great minds think alike. I'm awaiting shipping too. :/
Hey Blay,

If you need a backplate done, I might have some copolyester left over after my build is done. PM me if you want to have DDCM make a custom backplate for you.

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Hey Blay,

If you need a backplate done, I might have some copolyester left over after my build is done. PM me if you want to have DDCM make a custom backplate for you.

Thank you Dalchi. I will keep this in mind. I may try to make my first backplate if I have time. I've had some ideas for one for a while and may implement it here.

Every great build starts with a great chassis. This build will be no exception. While discussing build platforms dismalDIRGE's eyes lit up at the mention of an "El Grande" case. In fact he said quite frankly he wanted a case just like mine. Well, not one to disappoint, here is his very own Phanteks Enthoo Luxe. In my opinion Phanteks cases are among the top of all case manufactures and their very reasonable prices make them hard to pass up. If you'd like to read a review on this case just click here. With options for every user, I have no doubt this case will be in use for the next 10 years.

Bill Owen of MNPCTECH Video review inside:

Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Specs:
  • Motherboard Support-ATX, EATX, uATX & SSI EEB
  • Fan/Radiator Support
    • Front-up to 240mm or 2x 140mm fans only or 200mm fan only(included)
    • Rear-120mm/140mm (140mm fan included)
    • Top-up to 360mm(65mm thick) or 420mm(65mm thick) or 200mm(fan only)(140mm fan included)
    • Bottom-240mm or 140mm
    • HDD-2x 120mm(fans only)
  • Pump Mount-Yes
  • I/O Panel
    • 2x USB 2.0
    • 2x USB 3.0
    • Headphone/Mic
    • LED switch
    • Reset Button
    • Power Button(TOP)
  • Drive Bays
    • External – 3x 5.25″
    • Internal - 7x 2.5”/3.5” & 2x 2.5”
  • Clearances
    • Heat Sink-193mm
    • Graphics–347mm w/ HDD cages, 472mm w/o cages
  • Rear cable management-Yes (27mm)
  • Newegg Link

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I hope you enjoy this build so far. I have more parts on the way and I'm getting anxious to start the assembly process. Stick around.