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Dissapointed in my Voodoo5 5500

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Feb 1, 2001
I get 430 3dmarks in 3d mark 2001. I tried a few diff ddrivers with the same results. I have an abit bp6 with a c366@466 right now. I guess that ois holding me back alot. I didn't expect the card to do good but I thought I would get more than a 430. I'm gonna get a geforce 3 and 1.2 ghz athlon setup as soon as I can get the money.
Thats because u have a celly 433, and the Voodoo5 is EXTREMELY CPU dependant. I say upgrade to the 1.2GHz athlon, save a LOT a money, and dont buy a GF3, and then you will see the Voodoo5 shine. It needs at least 800MHz for it to start to stretch its legs. The GF3 IS a better card, byt dont go out and buy it yet, get the new CPU, and then make ur decision.
jeff is right! the three most important things are cpu, cpu, and cpu. Also the v5 uses thecpu forT&L unlike the geforce cards so I think that is why your scores are so low. if you want to sell or trade for it send me a message. did you get two if you want to trade one for a duron750 that will do 966 and work well with the v5. I'll sweeten the deal a little with a panaflo 92mm or sanyo 80mm. don't have much else to trade let me know. :)
Still say the problems more with the card... I get 1550+ in 3Dmark2001 with my lowly setup...

I'm out to eliminate voodoo from our vocabulary, so take what I have to offer with that in mind :(
3dmark does a lot better with Nvidia cards because of the T&L. T&L isn't really used in the real world. And the V5 has amazing FSAA.
Unreal...I too was just coming here to see if anyone new of a new driver update for my voodoo5 cuz' I am also not thrilled of my card either.

I used to run a pII 350mhz 128mb pc133 ram with my voodoo5 and was not impressed with it's performance. So someone tells me I have to beef up the cpu. So I go out and get the msi k7tpro2a mb with a duron 700...still not impressed . Couldn't even break 2000 on mark2001

Decide to o/c this baby after hearing about and visiting this site(which I am appriciative for the helpful wisdom of veterans)...can't forget FIZ :)

so I successfully rock at 950mhz...nice o/c if I do say so myself lol....anyway , still can't break 2000 points , so my point is that i'm still lookin for a newer driver version for that card . Finally, I agree with PINKY and would have to say to Joey that if you have the cash get a better card. Because us voodoo fans are left out in the cold.
Instead of trashing my Voodoo because of some 3dmark scores, I'm going to wait until new games aren't playable. Then I'll be able to get a much better card than I can right now.
sfa ok (Jun 27, 2001 10:32 p.m.):
Instead of trashing my Voodoo because of some 3dmark scores, I'm going to wait until new games aren't playable. Then I'll be able to get a much better card than I can right now.

That my friend is a proper decision
I was thinking that since 3d mark sues t&l that the problem was becasue my voodoo used software t&l not hardware. It makes since that it would perform alot lower in 3d mark, I just didn't think it would be that low. I guess that's what I should expect with an overclocked c366. Should it be that low though. Maybe it should. I can't wait until I have the money to upgrade. I don't know whether to spend money on my computer first or to save up 1000 bucks so I can get my uncles 66' mustang.
Well its your choice on the computer mustang decision, but if you do get the computer, save 350 bucks and keep your voodoo5 with your new CPU, and you will see a big improvement!
wrong trade it to me! ;-)

new drivers at 3dfxfiles.com I haven't looked yet but maybe new v5 drivers. might be worth checking out

also I read you can flash the bios of the v5 so you will improve the performance a little bit that way too.


also run the wickedGL drivers too!!!
I would never spend 350 bucks. I will upgrade my mobo and proc before I get a geforce 3. I just wish I could run 3Dmark 2001 and be able to see everything run smoothly. I was looking at 4 fps. That's what got to me. I got it at a good deal @50 bucks. I would trade it for an AMD 1gz t-bird though
I did flash to the 1.18bios and I am going to run 3dmark2001 adn see how I do. haven't installed the newest drivers adn extras. when I know all the details I'll post a new thread with all the links and the performance details.

yeah I would trade one of mine for a nice AXIA but I don't think anybody will trade that at least not in these forums.
Nagorak (Jun 29, 2001 05:27 a.m.):
Who cares what you score in 3D Mark2001?

I know but I will still post UT speeds with performance increases just to show that a stock 5500 is much slower than the current bios/drivers with all kindas of extras.