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Distro for this laptop

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Aug 17, 2002
In the past one of the reasons linux was great was because you could install it on just about anything. Now it seems that they are getting a little higher in system requirements. I got my mother an IBM laptop with 192meg ram and 500mhz processor. She doesn't use it anymore since I built her a nice desktop and I've talked her into giving it to me. My question is do you think Fendora would run good on this system? What else would you guys recommend?


Forums Super Moderator
Feb 20, 2001
I would think that any distro would run ok on it -depends how much you install. Perhaps Gentoo would be best if you want it as fast as possible?


Jan 19, 2004
I would try a version of vector linux on a laptop, www.vectorlinux.com. They have a stripped down version and a SOHO version. Very easy to install, basicly slack with a easy to use interface.

Roof Jumper

Apr 5, 2002
In a spider hole
erm.... are you ok with not using a GUI interface. The reason being, that most of the memory requirements of Fedora, Mandrake, and the lot is that they tend to be for the more newbiesh market segment and therefore have KDE is all of its gaudy memory hogging glory running as a default. I had a laptop with 64 megs of ram that ran FreeBSD 4.6 and slackware 9.1 without a hitch with blackbox running, just gets alittle slow when you try to run anything more than mozilla firefox.