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DIY Guide: Taking Apart Gentle Typhoon Ball Bearing PC Cooling Fan

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Jul 2, 2015
The Nidec-Servo's Scythe Gentle Typhoon (Model# D122C). This fan has been regarded as the best static pressure optimized fan by DIY PC community since it's release in 2008. The original D122C is no longer made, but there is limited stock available at some online retailers. Last year the D122C Scythe GT fan was resurrected and manufactured as "Darkside Black Edition" by Dazmode. It's the same specs as the original, but now has Black fan blades. Many PC Modders including myself have painted these fans to fit the color schemes of our custom PC builds. I've been asked several times over the years how to remove the metal c-clip without losing or breaking it?*This is my DIY guide to removing and installing external retaining ring or c-clip. Like many others, I've also lost these tiny c-clips while learning the best technique for handling this task.

Nidec-Servo's Scythe Gentle Typhoon Factory Spec PDF link, http://www.nidec-servo.com/en/digital/pdf/D1225C.pdf*
Speed: *2150RPM
Air performance : 68.8CFM
Nose: 34db (25cm from the fan, free air)
Power: 12VDC, 0.123A (0.63A peak max)
Operational voltage range: 5-12V (~900rpm-2150rpm)
Bearing: Ball
Expected life: 100000h/35c or 55000h/60c
Appearance: Full black
Dimensions: *119 x 119 x 25 mm / 4.68 x 4.68 x 0.98 in


Perform this task with Safety Glasses, the tiny Black metal retaining ring (c-clip) can and likely will pop off, so perform this task in a clean workspace, so you can find it. I suggest doing the work on a large white bed sheet and holding a large magnet near the fan hub as you remove and re-install the c-clip, to increase you're chances of not losing the c-clip. I haven't found a source for ordering replacement c-clips yet, but I'm still searching.

apart_1_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool_  mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

Here is my suggested Tools & Supplies

Safety Glasses (not pictured)
Heat Gun for removing the fan label. Hair Dryer on HIGH setting will work as well.
10" Wire Cable Tie
Large magnet (not pictured)
External Fixed-Tip Retaining Ring Pliers
Needle Nose Pliers
Super Glue (not pictured)

apart_2_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool_  mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

apart_3_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool_  mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

External Fixed-Tip Retaining Ring Pliers, http://www.saeproducts.com/retaining-ring-tool.html

apart_4_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool_  mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

The fan blade looks as if it would snap-on and off, but not the case.

apart_5_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool_  mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

We need to remove the back label to access the external metal c-clip on the fan shaft.

apart_6_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool_  mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

Swipe heat gun or hair dryer back and forth over the label.

apart_7_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool_  mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

Use the Tweezer to peel off the fan label.

apart_8_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool_  mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

Stick the fan label on a clean metal surface while you perform your work.

apart_9_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool_  mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

You will tie down the fan hub with this Twisty tie. The fan shaft has a retention spring inside. You need to compress this spring, so you can remove the metal c-clip. If you don't, it's almost a guarantee that the c-clip will fly off the shaft faster than a bullet.

apart_9a_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool  _mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

Using Twisty tie to compress the fan hub spring, by tying down the hub to the fan frame.

apart_9b_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool  _mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

apart_9c_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool  _mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

Close ups of the Black metal c-clip inside the Scythe Gentle Typhoon.

apart_9d_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool  _mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

apart_9e_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool  _mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

Insert the two prongs of the Retaining Ring Plier inside the jaw of the c-clip.

apart_9f_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool  _mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

If you have a large Magnet, Position it near the fan hub, just in case the c-clip pops off.

apart_9g_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool  _mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

apart_9h_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool  _mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

Holding the black metal c-clip in the Retaining Ring Plier.

apart_9i_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool  _mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

You will widen the jaw of the c-clip and need to bend it back to it's original opening, so it maintains it's grip.

apart_9j_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool  _mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

Hold the c-clip in the Tweezer while using a Needle Nose Plier to compress jaw of the c-clip.

apart_9k_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool  _mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

Doing this will allow you to re-use the metal c-clip.

- - - Updated - - -

apart_9l_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool  _mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

Here is the Scythe Gentle Typhoon 120mm Cooling fan dismantled

paint_pc_fan_corsair_sp_120mm_140mm_guide_230T_cas  e_mod2.jpg

If you're wanting to paint your PC cooling fan. You can watch my DIY video guide to painting PC cooling fans

apart_9m_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool  _mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

View of the spring inside the Gentle Typhoon PC Cooling fan, "Be careful, don't lose it!"

apart_9n_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool  _mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

To re-install the metal fan c-clip, grip the c-clip in reverse position on the plier. *

apart_9o_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool  _mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

Reversing the c-clip on the plier will make it easier to re-install the metal cooling fan c-clip

apart_9p_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool  _mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

Before releasing the plier, make sure the c-clip is properly seated on the fan shaft, otherwise it will fly off!

apart_9q_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool  _mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

If the cooling fan label has very little adhesion left, I'll apply drops of Krazy or Super Glue to re-apply the label.*

apart_9r_disassemble_pc_cooling_fan_clip_ring_tool  _mnpctech_gentle_typhoon_darkside.jpg

The job is finished!

Please post other PC cooling fan models you know of that use this same type of metal c-clip
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Question: Are there 2 ball bearings on each end of the shaft, or just the one by the clip? I have a GT that is making obvious bearing noise (they are all quite a number of years old, from like the beginning of the C2D days), and if I can, I want to avoid taking it apart if there is only the one by the clip.
Mpegger to get to the bearings you'll need to take the clip off. Once it's off there are only a couple of parts under the fan. There are two springs one that sits on the end of the fan shaft and another under the pcb. The bearings have to be pulled out of each end of the shaft, do not try and press down on them to remove them. Once you pull one of the bearings out the other can be easily pushed out.
Here is another fan I found in our workshop that utilizes the same Black metal e-clip / c-clip. It's a 120mm Delta WFB1212H