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Dlink 804, full duplex?

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Jan 30, 2002
Is the DI 804 supporting 100Mbps Full Duplex on the lan ports ?

I use Cat.5 cables but i get no gain in transfer-rates between local pc's when switching from half to full duplex on both pc's.

I've tried replacing the cables and the network-adapters(other brand), and there shouldn't be any "disturbing signals" near the router or the 1 meter long cables.

The problem is that it may take up to 6 minutes to transfer a 650MB file between the computers and i often move files much bigger than that.... How long should it take to copy 650MB at 100Mbps Full duplex ?


Feb 16, 2002
1minute & 30 seconds im guessing maybe faster ? but mine also will only work @ 10/half/full duplex and nothing higher... they worked @ 100/full on 98se but not xp pro for some reason ?


Sep 19, 2002
Chicago, IL
You might want to check the documentation and product specs, but from what I was seeing on D-Link's web site the DI 804 doesn't support full duplex. (Full duplex means that the NIC can send and recieve at the same time).

It looks like the DI 804 is just a switching hub, which treats each network card independently, so a 10Mbps card will transfer at 10Mbps, and a 100Mbps will transfer at 100Mbps, and the hub switches speeds depending on where the transfer recieving is comming from. On the other hand, basic hubs just have transfer speeds of the slowest card.

But an actual switch is something completely different from the above mentioned devices. A real switch allows full/half duplex, where as hubs/switching hubs only support half duplex.

And about speeds, if you think that 1Mb transfers in about 1 second, then the time is about right, 6 mins.
You might want to check out this site about more info about transfer speeds.


Jan 30, 2002
Thanks for the replies and the link.

So i guess a 650MB file should transfer in just over a minute (52sec+) under perfect conditions.

The thing is, at the start of the filetransfer, Explorer estimates 2minutes and when 1/6 of he file is transferred the time estimated increased gradually to 4-6 minutes which it usually uses to complete.

All the NIC's i've tried has been 100Mbps capable, 3Com and two different types of SMC. I've tried all kinds of variation on 10 and 100Mbps, half and full duplex, and autosense in both pc's with all the nic's.

Heres the product-info on the dlink 804 (for people that understand these kind of things):

It's supposed to be a "Broadband Gateway / Firewall Router with built in 4 port switch" supporting 100Mbps. This page does not mention anything on Duplex-modes, nor does the manual.
I guess they would have bragged about it if it supported full duplex....

PS! I run WinME on one of the computers and W2Kpro on the other.
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